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As one of the most popular and best-selling games ever made, Minecraft has something that can appeal to almost anyone. The game can be a virtual Lego set for one person, a tool for creating complex machines and computers for another, and everything in between. The range of experiences offered by the game allows people of all ages from anywhere in the world, regardless of their gaming experience, to find something they enjoy.

As fantastic as the game works to be such an easy-going experience, the fact that there are two versions, Bedrock and Java, is the only real hurdle that might put people off diving. These two editions of the game have differences, so knowing what they are before spending your money on one can save you some frustration later. These are all the things you should consider when deciding between Minecraft Bedrock and Java.

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What are the versions and why are there two?


Even in the gaming world, a game simultaneously selling two versions of itself is an oddity. The only exception is when the game is on multiple platforms, which is true for Minecraft, but even then, the builds are generally designed to be as identical as possible. In MinecraftIn the case of , the separation between Java and Bedrock is due to the fact that the original PC-only version of the game is built in the Java programming language. Without getting too technical about it, Java is a programming language that is compatible with any device that can run this language. But not all devices can run Java. These include cell phones, such as the iPhone, and all major game consoles, such as Xbox, Switch and PlayStation.

Obviously, omitting these platforms would have prevented Minecraft to achieve the incredible sales and popularity it did, so the team at Mojang had to create a completely new version for these platforms. This new version was called Bedrock. Bedrock, apart from the previously mentioned platforms, is also available on Windows 10. So unless you are on Mac or Linux, PC gamers will have a choice between the two versions.


There’s nothing wrong with playing Minecraft solo, but it’s much more fun building, questing, and hanging out in your custom worlds with friends. If you plan to start Minecraft, chances are a friend recommended it to you so you can play together online. If so, make sure you know which version they are on, because the biggest downside to splitting this game is how crossplay works.

Java players and Bedrock players cannot team up and play together, even if they are both on PC. The two versions simply cannot work together. If you have a friend or a group that plays Java, then playing Java on PC is the only way to get together on the same server. Bedrock, on the other hand, is a bit more open. Not only is it available on many more platforms, but it doesn’t matter which of those platforms you and your friends are on. One could be on PC, another on a PlayStation 4, and a third on their mobile device, and you can still play together. Another nice perk is that your “backup” can also be transferred between devices. If you primarily game on a console but are going on a trip, just pull out your phone and you can pick up where you left off.

If playing with your friends and family is the most important aspect for you, then choosing the version they already have will be your deciding factor.

In-game add-ons and mods

Minecraft Market

Building, creating and creating are the basics of what makes Minecraft what it is. The game itself is almost packed with tools you can use to create just about anything you want, but both versions offer even more ways to expand your game, albeit in very different ways.

Starting from Java, this original version of the game is very open to mods. Because it’s been around since the very first version of Minecraft, there are hundreds of mods already created, and more are being created all the time. With new textures, blocks, game modes, and even full campaigns to play, the Java Edition could literally offer endless content via mods. Your mileage will vary in quality, of course, but you will never run out of quantity. Oh, and the best part? Almost all mods can be downloaded and played for free.

Looking at the Bedrock version, mods are not supported in the same way. This version is much more locked down and difficult to modify by the players themselves. That doesn’t mean you’re absolutely unlucky. This version has a dedicated marketplace where add-ons are offered, including skin and texture packs, adventure maps, mini-games, and more. The selection is much, much smaller than an entire community of gamers can do on Java, but it still offers new ways to play. Another major downside of the Bedrock publishing market is cost. Some of these add-ons are free, but the majority will cost you “Minecoins” which you will need to purchase through whatever device you are playing on. Your purchases will follow you no matter what device you’re playing on, at least.


In the case of servers, Java is once again enjoying its existence for so long. There are just a lot more servers to choose from on this build than in Bedrock, again providing more variety and choice. People can create servers easily and with the mods they want on Java, while Bedrock has less variety and selection. Again, this will be a situation of personal preference. If you only plan to play with your friends or care more about the convenience of cross-play and cross-save that Bedrock offers, the number of servers won’t really matter. On the other hand, if you get addicted and want to play with others in lovingly crafted worlds or game types that don’t even play like Minecraft Plus, Java is the only way to go.


Minecraft screenshot of the interior of the building
sonic ether

This is a minor point. Of course, the visuals in Minecraft are not the driving force behind the game, but there are some differences in the versions. Because the Bedrock Edition was designed to work on everything from a mobile phone to a PC, the graphics have been set to play exactly the same on all devices. You have a few options, but for the most part what you see is what you get when loading Bedrock.

PC gamers who have rigs that can explode Minecraft out of the water can take the game much further. This applies to normal gameplay, as well as some of the more technically demanding mods that improve things like lighting and textures or even add ray tracing. This choice only really applies if you’re a PC gamer choosing between the two versions. If you have the power, Java will hold up much better, but if you’re only using a basic laptop, then Bedrock is guaranteed to at least perform well.

Parental control

For all parents who want to make sure their kids are playing safely online, Parental Controls could be your deciding factor. If so, Bedrock is the only version that has built-in options that you can set for your child. If they’re on a console, like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can set parental controls on the system itself, and there are additional in-game options as well. These options include allowing them to play with people on other consoles and create or join clubs.

The Java edition is completely open. There are no options provided to limit your child’s play in terms of who they can play with or what servers they can join.

Looking at all these differences, you now know everything you need to make an informed decision on which version to use. Minecraft is best for you. Join the phenomenon and start building!

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