Minecraft Dungeons now supports cloud saves on all platforms

Players can now pick up where they left off in Minecraft Dungeons no matter where they play.

Minecraft Dungeons receives support for cloud saves, game improvements in latest update

Players will finally be able to play Minecraft Dungeons everywhere they go, literally. For those who have the game on multiple platforms, this might be the best news they would receive today. Minecraft Dungeons finally have a cross-save feature from now on! For details on using the cross-save feature, see the Minecraft support article here.

This cross-save feature follows on from cross-platform play which was only recently introduced. Now, Minecraft Dungeons is truly for everyone, and kids won’t have to worry about their friends’ consoles. They can just go their own way and play with their buddies and explore the dungeons carefree.

Meanwhile, there have also been some quality of life changes to the game thanks to this update. One of the biggest changes is having more succinct and understandable descriptions. Support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese also now exists for in-game audio and text.

Minecraft Dungeons lets players explore the world of blocks in a whole new way. While crafting still exists as a core mechanic, the game focuses more on combat and exploration. It’s similar to games like Torchlight, Diabloand Path of exile, but with a more kid-friendly theme. This is Minecraftafter all.

For all the details on the latest updates, you can check out the patch notes here.

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