Minecraft Dungeons’ second seasonal adventure – Luminous Night, will launch on all platforms for free on April 20.

Mojang Studios announced the second season of Minecraft Dungeons will launch later this month. The second season is called ‘Bright Night‘, and will be launched on the 20thand From April. Mojang said this Downloadable content will be free on all platforms.

The new DLC will have several luminescent features including new levels with murals and puzzles. Much like the previous season, there will be rewards such as new skins, capes, emotes, and flairs, as well as the addition of two new pets in the form of Ministrosity and Abomination.

Although Mojang Studios hasn’t shared much information about the upcoming Luminous Night seasonal adventure for Minecraft Dungeons, but here’s what we do know:

  • Luminous Nights will feature a new optional Adventure Pass with premium rewards and cosmetics
  • Lots of glow-in-the-dark gameplay elements and areas, plus matching cosmetics, like skins, capes, emotes, and flairs, that will allow players to glow in the dark
  • The tower will feature new floors to explore and puzzles to solve, including mysterious murals
  • New enemy, the “forest fire”
  • New pets, such as Ministrosity and Abomination will also appear,
  • New quality of life features, including a much-requested storage chest that will allow players to organize their inventories more efficiently