Release date, new features, preload and new details

Minecraft is a massive game that has only gotten bigger over time. MineMineccraft Dungeons is just an extension of this

Released on GamePass, it managed to immediately grab millions of eyes and ended up with a handful of major updates. Now we eagerly await its fifth expansion, Hidden Depths.

LAST – Only one day

As the title of this section suggests, we are one day away from the latest Minecraft Dungeons expansion.

We don’t know the official release time yet, but we’ll update as we find out.

What are Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons is a Diablo-style spinoff of the Minecraft franchise taking on an aerial view as players mow down familiar mobs.

It’s pretty rudimentary in design, but that’s part of the game’s appeal. It’s something you and your younger sibling can learn and enjoy as well.

The gameplay gets a bit repetitive at times, but that’s something the DLC aims to address. The current Season Pass grants you access to two pre-existing packs and the next two when they release.

Announcing the Hidden Depths

Unlike Minecraft Dungeons itself, the announcement of this DLC was pretty toned down. It was made via a blog post and next tweet from Minecraft Dungeons Twitter Account.

He revealed very little about the DLC so tweets and videos can speculate about it. This worked well as it allowed them to tease some details over the next few days.

What is the Hidden Depths expansion?

The Hidden Depths lets you explore the oceans and fight the spread of corruption at its root, the darkest depths of the ocean.

This downloadable content lets you take your pre-existing character on an all-new journey alongside friends online or sitting next to you. It will take place entirely in the ocean biome and we will likely see the drowned, the guardians and much more.

The gameplay feels a lot more buoyant than previously established due to the movement of the water, which should give a nice verticality to the traversal. Perhaps your knowledge of this biome will help you uncover new secrets and fight new enemies.

Release date

Hidden Depths releases exactly one year after the release of Minecraft Dungeons, on May 26. This means that you only have a few weeks until its release. For more information on the DLC preloading and specific release time, keep an eye here closer to release.