The new DLCs for Minecraft & Minecraft Dungeons are awesome

by Vlad Turiceanu

Chief Editor

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  • Minecraft has hit fans with the story of a lifetime in Dreamworks’ new DLC.
  • How to Train Your Dragon combines the fun of the game with the beloved animated story.
  • Minecraft Dungeons will also receive exciting new DLC until the end of the month.
  • Both DLCs can be purchased by players through the Minecraft Marketplace for Minecoins.

Minecraft DLC and Minecraft Dungeon

Needless to say, Minecraft Dungeon has already attracted many players to its roster and continues to release awesome, fan-favorite DLCs to keep audiences in the game.

The latest developer news will have gaming fans sighing with joy as they prepare to conquer new territory with their favorite heroes.

New, How to Train Your Dragon Minecraft DLC

If you’re looking for a new favorite way to spend your free time and immerse yourself in a mythical world full of peril and legendary creatures, say no more!

Minecraft has heard players’ prayers and now comes into full swing with its latest DLC.

The Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon adventure is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace for all players who want to brave the Barbarian Archipelago.

All of the beloved characters from the film will also be present in the game, giving it a more family-friendly feel.

That’s what the developers had to say in their Posting on Twitter:

It’s an occupational hazard!

How to Train Your Dragon has come to Minecraft, and with it comes a book of fire-breathing, sky-soaring dragons! So take your notes, offer fish and race your favorite dragon to victory!

For just 1340 Minecoins, anyone can strap their saddle to their favorite winged fire eater and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Wanting to make this experience a little more unique and personal, you can now create your signature hero using the brand new free in-game character creator item.

You can also check out the latest Hidden Depts DLC for Minecraft which will take you straight to an underwater world.

New Minecraft Dungeons DLC announced

The Hidden Depths is the new call to action from the developers of Minecraft and it will send players into the dark and dangerous abyss.

Exploring and defeating enemies in this ocean-themed dungeon world is no small feat, as everyone will soon find out, with the release of this awesome DLC. The release date would be later this month, on May 26.

Manage your oxygen levels, rein in clam throwers, and keep your eyes peeled for easily spooked puffer fish; Hidden Depths certainly presents a whole new set of underwater challenges!

Well, no one said this was going to be a relaxing beach vacation!

From the back of a fierce dragon to the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean, these DLCs will send shivers of joy down the spines of gamers everywhere.

The best fun time with this game is when you play with your friends. Learn how to create a Minecraft server from this awesome guide.

Have you tried the latest Minecraft content? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments section below.