10 best Minecraft mob farms in 2022

Minecraft has a wide variety of resources, ranging from food to building blocks. In the beginning, players will have to collect all the items with their hands. However, after making some progress, players can start creating farms to gain resources efficiently and even automatically.

Minecraft farms rely on game mechanics to work correctly. For example, a sugarcane’s growth can be detected by observers, which can activate pistons causing the sugarcane to break. The process can run infinitely long and continuously provide sugar cane.

There are farms for almost every resource in the game, including mobs. Many items can only be obtained through farming mobs.

This article lists 10 of the best mob farms players can build in Minecraft.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s views.

Top 10 mob farms in Minecraft

1) Classic mob tower

Classic mob tower is one of the simplest mob farm designs in Minecraft. It uses the natural mob spawning of monsters in the dark.

Players build a big dark room up in the sky where hostile mobs spawn. Mobs spawned in the chamber will fall through a tall tube, dropping their health to only one hit away from death.

Players can farm zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders, and sometimes witches with a mob tower farm.

2) Spider-farm

Spider spawners are pretty common to find as they have high chances of generating in dungeons and mineshafts.

Players can kill spiders to get strings and spider eyes. Both items are beneficial to have in Minecraft.

Players can easily use a spider spawner to create a spider farm. These blocks start to spawn spiders whenever a player is nearby. Players can also push spiders into a chute with flowing water and kill them.

3) Spawner-based zombie or skeleton farm

Like spiders, zombies and skeleton spawners also exist in the game. Players can find zombies or skeleton spawners in cube-shaped structures called dungeons.

Zombies and skeletons are great for farming experience points. Early in the game, if players come across a zombie or skeleton spawner, they should build a farm with it.

Skeletons can provide many arrows and bones, while zombies drop rotten flesh.

4) Drowned farm

Drowned are an aquatic variant of zombies in Minecraft. When zombies stay in the water for too long, they become Drowned. Players can use this mechanic to make a Drowned farm. However, this farm is only suitable for farming copper ingots.

If players want to farm tridents, they will have to build an underwater Drowned farm. Naturally spawned Drowneds can only drop tridents in the game, while converted Drowneds give only rotten flesh and copper ingots.

5) Villager farm

Villagers are the only mob on this list that are not farmed to be ultimately killed. Villagers are the ultimate source of various blocks and items in the game. With a villager farm, players can have an infinite source of villagers.

By assigning workstations to villagers, players can give them various professions such as armorer, cleric, librarian, and more. Each profession can trade items related to its niche, and players can get many types of resources by trading with villagers.

6) Witch farm

Witches are one of the most extraordinary mobs in Minecraft. A witch can drop 11 different items when killed by a player.

Players can find a witch hut in swamps and turn it into a witch farm to get items like potions, glass bottles, redstone dust, sugar, and more.

7) Raid farm

Plunder raids are in-game events where a player with Bad Omen status enters a village. During a raid, villagers will attack a village with the goal of killing all villagers.

Players can create a farm to gather all the looters in one place and kill them to get emeralds, arrows, totems of undying, and many more items.

Raid farms are insanely efficient at producing emeralds.

8) Wither skeleton farm

Wither skeleton skulls are the key to summoning the Wither boss and making beacons. Unluckily, they are one of the rarest drops in Minecraft, and trying to obtain them by killing Wither skeletons one by one would take too long.

Players can invest their time and resources into a Wither skeleton farm to get loads of Wither skeleton skulls every hour. With a Wither skeleton farm, players can also create a Nether star farm.

9) Zombie piglin farm

After the Nether Update, gold has become a helpful resource in Minecraft. Players can set up a bartering station to barter gold ingots for handy items like potions of Fire Resistance, blackstone, gravel, ender pearl, and more.

When it comes to gold, zombie piglins are the best mob for farming the shiny mineral. Players can build a zombie piglin farm to obtain gold ingots and nuggets from zombie piglins. This farm can also be counted as an XP farm.

10) Enderman XP farm

Out of all normally spawning mobs, the Enderman drops the most experience points in Minecraft.

Moreover, the Enderman is the only mob found in the End dimension, which means players can make highly efficient Enderman XP farms there.

Players can take their experience level from 0 to up to 30 and more only in a few minutes.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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