10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

On May 17, 2009, Mojang changed the world of gaming with the first edition of Minecraft. This indie game has remained one of the most played titles in the world for the past 13 years by children and adults. Although the game has remained consistent with its focus on letting your imagination run wild, the game has undergone drastic changes in recent years.

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With Minecraft: story mode and Minecraft: Dungeons making their mark on their own, it should have been clear that this property wasn’t going to stay vanilla forever. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new player or a Minecraft veteran, these are memes any fan can relate to.


Minecraft veterans being the meme

It’s no secret that veterans of a popular, long-time game have a certain sense of entitlement with them. It’s almost like they think they walk into every game with a VIP badge around their necks. The basic game of Minecraft brought in a whole new generation of gamers and continues to do so today.

From the outset, it must be said that calling oneself “the good old days of Minecraft“makes veteran gamers look like fools. With new updates constantly being added to the game and two popular spin-offs Minecraft titles, it’s clear Minecraft is better for beginners than it ever was. In conclusion, stop being those guys who can’t accept that things have changed for the better.

find diamonds

There is no greater feeling than spending hours digging in a cave and finding diamonds for the first time. All Minecraft player knows this feeling. Shout to your friends that you’ve finally found diamonds and listen to the disappointment and jealousy in their voices.

Like each Minecraft player knows, this feeling never changes, no matter how many a Minecraft veteran you are. The excitement of finding diamonds continues to be one of the most exhilarating moments in the game, from the first time you do it to the last.

Become a franchisee

If there is anything a veteran Minecraft player likes, it’s about the old Minecraft. The one they played every day after school with their buddies, and how awesome it was to build something from scratch, or find diamonds where no one had mined before.

One day these players woke up and saw a Minecraft: story mode ad on YouTube, or maybe they went to Target and saw a Creeper hoodie on the rack, or even LEGO sets with the Minecraft characters. Suddenly, what was once a small indie game is now a multi-million dollar franchise with no signs of slowing down, and they to hate this.

Forgetting to hunt for food

There is nothing worse than this unfortunate circumstance that every Minecraft player faced. Imagine being deep in a cave with diamonds, iron, new armor and new weapons. The only problem is that you’re starving. You check your inventory for at least one loaf, and all you can find is that treasure you’re about to lose.

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This is a common occurrence among most gamers. They get so excited about diamonds and armor that they forget that a creeper blast isn’t the only thing that can harm them in these caves. Before he can even think about the mistake he made, the player starves and loses everything (including the keyboard he just broke in rage).

Plan the perfect build

Sometimes players enter a new world with a new goal in mind. Instead of a typical survival mode, some take inspiration from all the crafts people make in creative mode. Some players forget that the popular “Hunger Games” mode that has become a mainstay in recent years was created by a player using the creative mode.

Everyone sees something like this, or even a sculpture of their favorite character in popular culture, and gets inspired to build something amazing that their friends will look up to in awe. The only problem is that they think it’s an easy task and they’re not artists. Their statue of Homer Simpson looks more like “The Tracy Ullman Show” than anything else.

Use dirt blocks to find your home

One of the funniest things about Minecraft creates a new world for a single player survival game. Obtain all necessary supplies, food and build your own house for a fresh start. At some point, you start mining a cave, refining iron and diamonds, crafting armor, and returning to put your loot in your room chest. There’s only one thing that can ruin it.

With all the mining and walking, at some point you lose your home far away. Day turns to night, and everything looks the same so you’re stuck trying to find him as the hilarious Mr. Krabs in this meme. All Minecraft The player knows that the only real solution to this is to dig dirt blocks to make an earth watchtower. This still seems to be the go-to solution to this problem, even today, unless the player wants to waste time and supplies on a new house. It’s safe to say that every gamer has felt the thrill of finally finding that home from a tower of dirt.

Unexpected climbing plants

An inventory full of diamonds, iron, cooked meat, and even a new set of armor and equipped weapons. Every gamer knows the feeling of finally getting in place and ready to move forward into a new world. It’s a feeling of satisfaction and pride like no other. Then, out of the blue, you hear a sound no Minecraft player wants to hear.

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Creepers are probably the most infuriating thing in Minecraft even today. Every gamer dreads that sound when sneaking up on them, let alone sneaking up on you at your home. With so many things changing in Minecraft, it stands to reason that Mojang would nerf the creepers a bit. We can only hope that day will come soon.

Creeper Origin Story

Going back to the cultural impact of climbing plants, it was common knowledge how the uniqueness model came to fruition. Veteran Minecraft players remember the character’s now-iconic piece of history, but new players don’t seem to know how the unique character model came to be.

The story goes that when designing the pigs in the game, Notch accidentally created the height value and the length value of an average pig sprite. This resulted in a pig with front and rear feet, a long torso, and no arms. Notch thought that was an interesting sprite and designed the vines from there. This is a common fact for older players, but it’s surprising that new players don’t know it.

New loading times

At some point, you can go to your PC or console, boot Minecraft and instantly load a new world. A reason why everyone started Minecraft First of all, you can start the game on any console, PC and even a smartphone instantly, regardless of the type of device specifications.

Over time and Minecraft began to take hold in popular culture, new updates would be released constantly adding to the base game. These updates have made the graphics sharper, added new animals and objects, and even new Easter eggs that players can do to enhance their experience. Although this is an improvement, the game has become increasingly difficult to start, making the veteran Minecraft players nostalgic for the good old days.


During the height of the popularity of video game creepypastas, a rumor began circulating about a mysterious sprite a player could potentially find in their world. The sprite was acting as a player and had the default Minecraft skin (most commonly known as Steve) with a distinct difference. This sprite had white eyes and had the name “Herobrine” on top, displayed as it would with a real gamer. The sprite would have followed the player even if they started a new world and built very specific constructions in the world.

Needless to say, this creepypasta was completely fake but sparked conversation within the Minecraft community. Since then, it’s become something of a joke, with Mojang even releasing a wearable Herobrine skin in-game. to the game that accompanies it.

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