10 tallest monsters in Minecraft

With over 70 mobs in Minecraft, you might be curious which ones are the biggest. From passive entities to hostile entities, the consensus is clear. The tallest creatures tend to be hostile mobs. If you were hoping for axolotls and bees to be part of that crowd, it was never expected.

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Unsurprisingly, some of the bigger mobs are what you’d expect them to be, like Ghasts, The Wither, and the Ender Dragon. It would be unusual for boss mobs to be oversized by regular mobs like Spider Jockeys and Skeletons. However, some crowds are much larger than you might imagine.


ten Ancient Guardians

The average hostile crowd is between 1.8 and 1.9 blocks. The Elder Guardian barely beats its competitors by 0.075 blocks. At a radial size of 1.9975 blocksthe Ancient Guardian is one of the ten largest monsters in the game.

When looting an ocean monument, do you actively pay attention to the size of the angry fish that are firing lasers at you? Of course not! Unless you’re well geared up and have enough night vision potions, you won’t be spending all this time checking mob sizes. You do what most players do: you check the wiki.

9 Mud and Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes and Slimes are practically the same mob, so it would make sense for them to be the same size. To 2.08 blocks, both are slightly taller than the Elder Guardians but taller all the same. Of course, they’re only bigger than most mobs as long as you don’t cut them into small cubes and slimes.

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Despite their parallels, you’re more likely to encounter Magma Cubes in a typical session than Slimes. Anyone can operate a Nether portal. Slimes are another story. You must be lucky enough to find a piece of slime while going through the basement.

8 pests

Illager’s Ravagers, Tools, and Siege Mounts, stand at 2.2 blocks high. These big beasts look more like giant cows with a villager’s face stuck on them. It’s a design choice that opens the door to potentially gruesome implications, and we’re all well aware of the dark themes lurking in the background.

You’ll only find Ravagers when raiding or patrolling, so you don’t have to worry about encountering one unexpectedly. You are more likely to hear them before you see them. Their size and damage make them considerable threats, so never let your guard down when fending them off.

seven Wither Skeletons

The Wither Skeletons are 2.4 blocks high. Even though they look like reverse paddle skeletons, they are taller and lack bows. Let’s be honest, who would want to take on an upgraded Wither Skeleton that can attack as fast as a Skeleton? Add the Wither Effect and you’ve made Wither Skull farming even more tedious.

You can only find Wither Skeletons in Nether Fortresses. The only real point of killing them is to collect Wither Skulls. With these skulls you can fight The Wither. However, with a 2.5% drop rate, you should really ask yourself if building a beacon pyramid is worth your time.

6 iron golems

Even though Iron Golems are not passive monsters, their neutrality is much appreciated when almost all larger monsters are hostile. Standing at 2.7 blocks high, usually gentle giants make many Minecraft monsters seem insignificant in comparison. You will usually find Iron Golems in villages protecting the population from Illagers and Zombies.

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Don’t forget that you can also create your own army of iron golems. You’ll need to consider building a steel farm or putting in dozens of hours mining. Remember not to accidentally bump into villagers when renovating. Otherwise, your relationship with the Golems will be long gone.

5 Guardians

Guardians are a mob pulled straight from Dungeons & Dragons and the SCP Foundation. These blind and monstrous creatures are 2.9 blocks high. Guardians spawn if you are unlucky enough to activate Sculk Screamers four times. Even though they can’t see you, they can detect your movements, so be careful.

Be careful exploring ancient cities and Deep Dark biomes. Many traps, traps and mobs lurk in the dark. While biomes may resemble The Upside Down, Crimson and Corruption of Terarria are the inspiration behind Deep Dark. Killing mobs or dying in the Deep Dark causes sculk blocks to proliferate.

4 Endermen

Endermen are already tall but vary slightly in height under two conditions. When undisturbed, Endermen are 2.9 blocks high. When you wave them, they become 3.2 blocks high. You can use this knowledge to your advantage when trying to escape an Endermen you’ve annoyed.

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Despite being native to The End, Endermen can be found in every known dimension, and that’s a fact that isn’t talked about enough. From their aversion to eye contact to their predisposition to taking blocks that don’t belong to them, the Endermen are a fascinating mob that’s more than meets the eye.

3 Wilting

The Wither floats at 3.5 blocks high. The Wither may not be the biggest mob in Minecraft, but it’s definitely one of the deadliest. You will need to prepare for your fight with The Wither. It’s not just a hostile mob. It’s a boss fight that you intentionally strive to activate.

A good tip for fighting The Wither is to keep it away from your farms, villagers, and elaborately constructed homes. Otherwise, you will never recover. It’s hard to believe that three blocks of soul sand and three withered skulls can trigger apocalyptic damage.

2 ghosts

Disregarding their tentacles, the Ghasts are finished four blocks high, making it the second largest mob in the game. Everyone’s favorite ghost spots are a terrifying experience when you first enter the Nether. All you hear are strange meows before an explosion knocks you into a pit of lava.

Fun fact, all Ghast noises are from C418, the composer of Minecraft, recording their sleeping cat. If that helps make Ghasts less frustrating, imagine them as giant cats. They are perfectly content if you leave them alone. However, if they see you and are in a bad mood, they will wake you up.

1 The ender dragon

Unsurprisingly, the Ender Dragon is still the largest mob in the game. more than eight blocks high, the size of the Ender Dragon consecrates its position as the final boss of the game. But it is no longer the most difficult fight. As the speedrunners have shown, slaying the dragon is much easier than you might think. Who would have imagined that a few beds would trivialize the final boss of Minecraft?

As Minecraft updates, maybe one day the Ender Dragon won’t be the biggest anymore. Until then, Jean the Ender Dragon will reign supreme as the biggest mob in Minecraft.

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