10 tips and tricks to survive

RLCraft is considered one of the best Minecraft modpacks, consisting of tons of different new RPG-esque elements added to the game. It aims to provide players with a sense of realism and immersion, increasing the overall difficulty of menial tasks like adventure by adding ambient, monsters harder, etc. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for Minecraft survival!

1. Stop memorizing crafting recipes

Once you have RLCraft or any other mod operational in Minecraft, you might find it hard to remember the plethora of new crafting recipes now available to you. This can cause you to often google common recipes leading you to Alt+Tab, which can hamper your experience.

Fortunately, there is an easier way for you to find crafting recipes. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your inventory
  • Now type the item whose recipe you want to see in the search bar at the bottom left.
  • Left click on the item to find its crafting recipe and right click to see what items you can build with that particular item.

2. Use your atlas for exploration

Another essential RLCraft tip for intermediate gamers playing Minecraft is to use atlases as much as you can. You can create an empty Ancient Atlas which, if you hold it while exploring and right-click, serves as a permanent map for your surroundings.

You can then put markers on areas of interest, find important landmarks, waypoints and even give it to your friends so they always have an idea of ​​where to find you. You can also create atlas duplicates by combining an empty atlas with an atlas filled with information.

When you do this, the two atlases are linked to each other, causing any changes made at either end to update.

3. Get an early game summon team

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

The Summoning Staff can be easily obtained early in Minecraft. Relative to your power, the weapon is great at helping you take down combat towers with relative ease. When you remove it, you’ll find an additional bar just above your health that acts as your mana/energy bar.

If you hold down the right click, it will use your mana to summon creatures. Different creatures will take different amounts of mana. You can choose which particular creature you want to summon by opening the Invocation menu.

Almost all summoned mobs are extremely powerful early in the game and can help you clear areas while taking little to no damage. Also, if you’re more of a passive fighter, the Summoning Staff is a must-have in your toolbox.

4. Use Summoning Pedestal To Clear Areas

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

The Summoning Pedestal is an extremely powerful item in Minecraft which generates summons in the area where you place it. It is powered by Redstone and its capacity is determined by the creatures you want to summon.

They are really good for dungeons or base defense. Generally you should only use them when you really need them as they are expensive to use in the long run and their fuel (Redstone) depletes surprisingly quickly.

5. Get a flying mount

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

A flying mount will completely change your RLCraft experience for the better! If you are new to the Minecraft, a Roc pet is your best bet. They are a Lykanite avian mob and are really easy to get in the early game. You will need Bird Treats next to a Soul Stone.

To tame the Roc, you will have to feed him treats until he fall in love with you. Once he does, he has been tamed. However, if he dies, he will disappear forever. After taming, you will need to apply a Soul Stone that binds it to you. You can then summon it at any time in your summon window.

We recommend setting your invocation to Passive and Sit because it’s the easiest way to mount them. Most of the others Minecraft modpacks have a version of flying mounts added to the game as they help to travel great distances.

6. Tame as many creatures as possible

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

Whether you need it or not, taming tons of creatures gives you a distinct advantage. Each creature allows a chest to be mounted on it, regardless of its type. Therefore, you can theoretically have as much storage space as you want depending on how many creatures you have tamed.

All you have to do is equip the creature with a chest after taming it, and you’ll be able to access the extra storage slots right after opening it. If you dismiss your mob and re-summon it, you will still keep your items. This is especially useful when going on dungeon raids to bring items back to your base.

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

The Tool Belt is a useful trinket that lets you carry multiple tools without taking up tons of inventory slots. It slips into your belt slide and has two spaces by default. You can then use your Bauble shortcut which is in your controls.

When using the hotkey, you will be able to add/remove weapons and tools while only consuming a single inventory slot. If you want a bigger belt, you can combine the ball with a belt pouch in an anvil.

8. Obtain the Resistance Potion Ring

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

The Ring of Resistance potion is great to use in the early and late game. You can wear two at a time, both giving the Resistance buff that causes you to take 40% less damage.

This is especially interesting if you play a more aggressive style of play where you get hit a lot. Essentially, you will receive 530-40% less damage from all attacks, greatly increasing your survivability.

9. Reforge your armor and weapons

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

You can use a Reforge Station to reforge armor, weapons, and trinkets. To reforge, place the weapon you want to reforge on top and the resource you want to consume on the bottom. You can see the Quality of the weapon as soon as you hover over it.

While qualities like Vicious are doing well, you should generally aim for nothing less than Legendary. To do this, keep reforging the weapon with each instance consuming one unit until you get the desired quality.

10. Disenchant To Maximize Your Effectiveness

Minecraft Rlcraft: 10 tips and tricks to survive

The disenchantment table is the literal opposite of the enchantment table. It has two separate mechanics depending on what item you end up disenchanting. For armor/weapons, it removes the highest attachment and destroys the armor/weapon in the process.

However, for books, you can get multiple enchantments using the table, each singular requiring an empty book. This helps you combine various enchantments and pull out enchantments that might be useful elsewhere in your books or armor. Although of little use at the start of the game, it works wonders as you progress, as you eventually find powerful gear with multiple enchantments.

With all of these tips in the bag, you’ll be able to take down dungeons with relative ease. As a general rule, you should try to focus all of your early game efforts on getting a flying mount, as this will help you get across the land faster and safer.