12 Best Minecraft Faction Servers (2022)

Minecraft Factions is probably one of the best Minecraft multiplayer game modes that users really enjoy. In terms of gameplay, the Factions servers will differ slightly from each other. The main idea, however, is that players start out in a huge PvP-enabled environment in which they form their own “factions”. On many faction servers, players can use TNT cannons to loot, loot, and loot bases belonging to rival factions in an effort to strengthen themselves. So we are going to mention the best Minecraft faction servers which include excellent PvP, no lag, fantastic maps and premium custom features.

Best Minecraft Faction Servers

1) Purple Jail:

Purple Prison is renowned for its prison game mode and is one of the most Minecraft factions of all time. However, this does not prevent its usefulness for working in groups. Individuals can earn in-game money by auditioning, shopping, and trading stuff. Therefore, earning money on Purple Prison is easier than on any other Minecraft server.

When it comes to PvP, the server allows players to either engage in combat or remain neutral. It features automatic PvP events, specialized combat zones, and even team-based mini-games. However, this is all entirely optional. Unlike most of the servers on our list, Purple Prison lets you hang out with your friends without fear of being attacked. If you want a truly prison experience, you can find the best Minecraft prison servers here.

Server IP Address: purpleprison.org

2) Lemon Cloud:

lemon craft

Lemon Cloud is one of the few Minecraft servers that devotes the majority of its resources to factions. As a result, we have access to a competitive server with exclusive cosmetics, kits, and regular in-game events. Each season attempts to introduce new items to the game, just like other successful online games.

Features of this server include bots, auctions, TNT-based economy, leaderboards, secret chests, and even MMOs, in addition to other amazing features. However, if you are a fan of the best Minecraft mountain seeds, you should visit the following server. On Lemon Cloud, mountain biomes are disabled for simplicity. However, it does offer us an intriguing overworld to explore on our own.

Server IP address: play.lemoncloud.org

3) Cosmic PvP:

cosmic pvp

Cosmic PvP is one of the best faction servers for Minecraft. The majority of Minecraft factions servers are often based on vanilla Minecraft factions servers or popular custom maps. Cosmic PvP, on the other hand, features distinct planets, asteroids, biomes, and even alien creatures. Only you and your group of astronauts are needed to explore the depths of the universe. Two separate planets in Cosmic PvP serve as faction maps in Minecraft.

The most popular of these planets is the Dungeon World, home to hostile creatures, hidden treasures, and an abundance of mysteries. The second is called Lava Planet and is comparable to visiting the Nether Gate in Minecraft. At the center of this inhospitable ecosystem is an active volcano.

Server IP Address: cosmicpvp.com

4) Mana Cube Faction Server:

mana cube

Similar to Clash of Clans, Mana Cube is a Clan-PvP based Minecraft faction server. While trying to defend their bases, players can loot their opponents. Faction growth can also occur by participating in races, mini-games, duels, and quests.

On Mana Cube, each player is associated with a certain amount of power from each part. They are able to claim specific areas of server territory to build bases through power. The server also offers many dimensions for these regions, such as the outer world, the moon, the bottom, and even a mars dimension.

Server IP Address: play.manacube.com

5) Mox™:


Mox MC is ranked as the best factions server on a popular list of servers for this style of play. The server is rooted in a fierce and ruthless PvP culture, and upon joining, users can jump straight into battle by simply typing “/PVP kit”.

This will grant players access to a free and powerful PvP kit containing gear, potions, and other items. In Mox MC’s own auction house, players can sell their valuables server-wide and bid on items listed by other players.

Server IP Address: MOXMC.NET

6) RexCraftia:


RexCraftia is a uniquely styled faction and PvE server. With over nine years of experience, we’ve curated our plugins to be more distinctive than any other custom faction available. We have so many custom plugins that it would take hours to detail every feature we offer, but here are a few:

It includes over 1,500 unique weapons (artifacts) and armor, each with special abilities and effects. These things are divided into themed crates, allowing for countless PvP combinations.

RexCraftia supports Minecraft game version 1.19; however, many Minecraft servers allow players to use older or newer versions, so please check Discord or the RexCraftia website for more information on version compatibility.

Server IP address: rexcraftia.com

7) Lifesteal:

Theft of life

LifeSteal is one of the best Minecraft factions you will find on the web. It adheres to the SMP (survival multiplayer formula). You start on a heavily modified Minecraft world with hundreds of other players. Here you have to survive, gather resources and try to defeat all the bosses in the game while risking being attacked.

In addition to surviving factions, LifeSteal also has Hard Code, Anarchy, and KitPvP. The competitive nature of this server can cause some problems though. Long-time users of this service have the ability to overwhelm newcomers. Before joining LifeSteal, make sure you know how to build a Minecraft house to defend yourself.

Server IP address: LifeSteal™.net

8) Massive craftsmanship:

best minecraft faction servers

MassiveCraft identifies itself as the “First Minecraft Factions Server” and has been running for almost ten years. MassiveCraft was built and continues to be administered by the team that launched and created the first Minecraft factions plugin, which a number of factions servers still use today.

MassiveCraft, as the creators of the factions game mode, set the standard for excellence. Custom mobs, bosses, gear, and questlines are among the many features exclusive to this server that cannot be found anywhere else.

Server IP address: Massivecraft.com

9) Snapcraft:

best minecraft faction servers

Snapcraft is another wonderful Minecraft faction server. Here, the strength of each group is rated. Individually, each player brings something to the team. It allows them to claim territories, win events, and unlock special features.

Unlike the other Minecraft faction servers on our list, it also offers individual players the chance to survive. Although most groups have at least three members, it is possible to survive alone or in pairs. Moreover, you can use one of the best Minecraft skins to conceal your character and avoid standing out.

Server IP address: snapcraft.net

10) Herobrine:

If you’ve spent enough time in the Minecraft community, you might have heard of the Legend of Herobrine. They’re a fictional, violent gang that resembles the game’s protagonist, Steve, and loves boring gamers. Obviously Herobrine’s existence is a hoax, but the server that bears her name is quite wonderful.

It simplifies the world by basing its factions primarily on an Earth-like survival system. The server is simple to join, so if you’ve never played on a factions server before, this might be ideal for you. According to some players, the only downside would be the existence of a somewhat faulty anti-cheat system.

Viper MC currently dominates the Hardcore Minecraft Factions (HCF) scene, averaging nearly 10,000 concurrent players at the start of each new map.

Server IP address: herobrine.org

11) Viper MC:

best minecraft faction servers

HCF is a Minecraft Factions subgenre that was designed to be less forgiving and more competitive. Players who die in HCF earn a “death ban”, which prevents them from joining the server for a predetermined period of time.

When players die too frequently on HCF servers such as Viper MC, they become “lootable”, meaning other players can raid their base and steal their valuable items.

Server IP address: vipermc.com

12) Vanilla Complex:

best minecraft faction servers

As a Minecraft server, Complex Vanilla’s most notable feature is its variety of game modes. Skyblocks, Pixelmon, creative, and prison are among the many fun options available. But even more remarkable are the basic and dynamic factions. In addition to standard survival, the server provides more opportunities for players to work together.

To keep the community engaged, it sponsors craft contests, online meetups, and other events. Not to mention that due to the large number of active players in the game, joining a faction is simple.

Server IP address: hub.mc-complex.com

Last words:

We hope you now have a better idea of ​​Minecraft faction servers. If you like our article or have any questions about it, mention them in the comment section!

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