15 best Minecraft toys for Black Friday 2022: Lego, Creeper Plush and more

With hundreds of toys in the franchise, finding the best Minecraft toys for kids or adults can be tricky, especially during Black Friday. We have some of the best options to make your search easier.

Minecraft has millions of players and its popularity only seems to be growing with recent updates and announcements of new games. However, sometimes just playing the game and experiencing the joys of creativity is not enough, but finding the best Minecraft toys for kids or adults can be difficult.

After all, there are so many on the market, and filtering through the freebies can be frustrating. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the best Minecraft toys for any Minecraft lover to enjoy, collect, or build, along with some of the best Black Friday deals.

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Best Black Friday Minecraft toy deals

Steve night light

Amazon / Mojang

Light up the night affordably with this Steve lamp.

Steve is the classic face of Minecraft and is a favorite among Minecraft players. So why not take advantage of the Black Friday savings and pick up a brand new Steve lamp to help ward off those creepers and skeletons? This has a great discount and would make a wonderful gift for any Minecraft fan in need of a new light for their bedroom.

Minecraft Switch Game Card Case

Minecraft Switch Black Friday Game Case DealsAmazon / Mojang

Store your Switch games in style using this Creeper case.

Generally, most Minecraft fans are avid gamers and enjoy exploring other titles like Minecraft Dungeons or Stardew Valley. That’s why buying a Minecraft-style game case from them is a fantastic way to capitalize on Black Friday deals. Any Minecraft and Nintendo Switch fan will love this Minecraft gift.

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Minecraft Nerf Slash Bow

Minecraft nerf arc black fridayAmazon / Mojang

Take down the enemy in real life with this Minecraft nerf bow.

With an awesome Black Friday discount, this is a fantastic Minecraft gift for a kid or adult who loves a Nerf fight. It combines the legendary Minecraft bow with a mororised blaster, which means you can shoot down the enemy with a painless yet extremely fun foam dart.

Minecraft Secretlab Gaming Chair

Minecraft Secretlab Gaming ChairSecretlab / Mojang

Play Minecraft in style with the Secretlab Titan Evo Minecraft Gaming Chair.

When it comes to getting great discounts on Minecraft toys during Black Friday, the more expensive you are, the bigger the deals. That’s definitely the case with the Titan Evo Minecraft Gaming Chair from Secretlab. Buying this highly rated chair will save you over $130.

Enderman Figure

Minecraft Enderman in front of a forestMojang

A perfect gift for a collector.

Endermen are the type of mob to stay completely out of your way, unless you’re looking at them funny, then you’re in trouble. Luckily, if you have this Enderman figure, that shouldn’t happen.

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The Enderman figurine is perfect for budding or experienced collectors. It’s small enough to sit well on a shelf and looks almost exactly like it does in game. Perfect for any Minecraft fan.

Baby Minecraft Animals

Minecraft toy baby animals in front of a forestMojang / Amazon

Create a farm with these adorable baby animals.

These baby Minecraft animals are a great Minecraft toy for kids and adults, mainly because they’re so adorable. They come in packs of three, sporting baby cows, sheep and pigs that can all be turned into adults if you wish.

Any Minecraft toy fan will love collecting or playing with this adorable baby animal toy, making them ideal for anyone who is instantly getting into Minecraft and starting to build a farm.

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Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe

Minecraft pickaxe and sword toy in front of a forestMojang / Amazon

Two in one for this Minecraft toy.

For players jumping straight into Minecraft and starting to explore caves, especially in the new Caves update, this is the toy for you. It’s a great Minecraft toy for kids and even better for those who want both a sword and a pickaxe.

The Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe converts easily and efficiently into a pickaxe and a sword, which means you can easily fulfill your mining dreams.

The Llama Village Lego Set

Llama lego placed in front of a forestLego / Mojang

A Lego and Minecraft fan’s dream.

While perhaps on the more expensive side of Minecraft gifts, the Llama Village Lego set is perfect for the creative gamer and anyone looking to display something from their favorite game.

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It’s bright, colorful and comes with adorable minifigures so you can play the game in your own home. No matter who this Minecraft toy is for, they’ll love it.

The Nether Bastion Lego set

Lego bastion of the Nether located in front of a forestLego / Mojang

Survive the Nether with this Lego set.

The Nether Bastion Lego Set is the cheapest Lego Minecraft toy you can buy. It brings the updated Nether style to life and allows Steve to bounce off Magma Cubes while avoiding any TNT or other dangers from the mobs around him.

It’s ideal for creative Minecraft players and makes a perfect gift for budding builders or Lego enthusiasts.

Minecraft Creeper Light

Creeping light in front of a forestFind me a gift / Mojang

Light up the night with a Creeper head.

In Minecraft, few things are worse than hearing the sizzle of a Creeper behind you. Watching their bodies grow, knowing you only have a few hearts and you’re definitely not going to make it.

Luckily, while this Minecraft Creeper head lights up, it certainly doesn’t sizzle and explode. That being said, it does look really cool and can be used as a reading lamp or night light for young Minecraft fans.

Plush Creeper

Creeper soft toy in front of a forestMojang

The only time you can hug the Creepers is when they’re stuffed.

This is another great Minecraft toy for collectors or just someone who loves the mayhem of a Creeper. It’s one of the only Creepers we recommend because it’s super soft and definitely won’t blow you away.

The Minecraft Creeper plush is small, soft and so cuddly, making it ideal for young fans or for Minecraft plush toy collectors.

Minecraft: The End hardcover book

Minecraft book in front of a forestMojang

Immerse yourself in the history of Minecraft with this book.

One of the best things about Minecraft is the fact that you can completely immerse yourself in the game. Although it has a story, you feel a part of the world and you feel like you own it.

If you love being immersed in Minecraft, why not try following someone else’s story set in this already wonderful lore? Minecraft: The End is a fantastic book and has an age range of 8-12.

Minecraft smartwatch

Minecraft smart watch toyMojang

Tell the time, take photos and express your love for Minecraft with this smartwatch.

Tell the time and express your passions with the Minecraft Accutime Kids smartwatch.

This watch is a great Minecraft toy for kids and features the weather, passions, and many other things that come with most smartwatches. You can take photos, set alarms, use a calculator, play games and count your steps with this awesome Minecraft toy.

Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Minecraft board gameMojang

Play Minecraft in real life with the Builders & Biomes strategy board game.

The Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game is a perfect Minecraft toy for kids, adults, or anyone who enjoys board games as a whole.

It involves strategy, teamwork, and a great knowledge of the game itself, making it an ideal gift for any Minecraft fan.

Minecraft Fox Baby Light

Minecraft Baby Fox Light Up ToyMojang

This Minecraft Baby Fox light is adorable when turned on and off.

If you’re looking for an adorable desk lamp, nightlight, or just something to light up your room, the Minecraft Baby Fox Light is the perfect gift for kids, adults, or yourself.

It’s an adorable sleeping fox that will fit perfectly anywhere you need it, lighting up to provide a warm glow over anything you need.

These are all the best Minecraft toys of 2022 and there’s something for everyone. Why not check out our Minecraft hub for more news and guides.

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