Armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons help protect players from enemy attacks and amp up their combat effectiveness with various bonuses. Armor of different types, qualities and appearances have been used in different ways throughout the history of warfare. People who serve in an armed forces unit, whether for their countryRead More →

Mojang has announced a new season pass for Minecraft Dungeons which will contain four additional DLC packs in addition to the two already launched. The enjoyable Diablo-lite spin-off first arrived earlier this year and soon added two additional packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, which you can purchase separately orRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons has already come a long way since launch, releasing major updates and expansions like Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and adding new endgame content with Apocalypse Plus. Now fans of Mojang Studio’s co-op-focused ARPG Minecraft spin-off are looking to the future, with the next expansion for Minecraft Dungeons. TheRead More →