Music discs are one of the few collectibles in Minecraft. Currently, there are fourteen music discs available in the game for players to collect. This finite number of discs will increase to fifteen with the release of Minecraft 1.19 on June 7, 2022. The fifteen music discs (including the musicRead More →

So you’ve decided to jump into Minecraft proper instead of the Dungeons offshoot, and it should be a straightforward affair to start building your dream creations. Unfortunately, with the inherent randomness, things don’t always go as planned, and you might end up frustrated and making no progress. This is whereRead More →

What do you want to know Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” officially releases on June 7, 2022 for all Minecraft players. On Thursday, Mojang Studios released Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Preview The preview release includes dozens of fixes and improvements for the upcoming 1.19 release. This is also the firstRead More →

In Minecraft there are different types of swords. They go up in rarity in this order: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and finally, Netherite. Each of these increases in quality, with the possible exception of iron to gold. Gold swords are extremely effective, but they have minimal durability, so itRead More →

Minecraft has been around for a long time, but the default Minecraft The launcher provided by Mojang has always had issues, and you may still encounter issues even today. It can be frustrating, but the good news is here: fixes for the Minecraft The launcher isn’t usually too complicated, andRead More →

Welcome to our guide “Elden Ring: How to Find Sacred Tears?”. You can find sacred tears anywhere in the open world of Elden Ring. When used, they can help recover HP or FP. Here’s a summary of everything you need to understand about Sacred Tears, including where everyone is. HowRead More →

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is one of the most famous games of all time. The expansive sandbox title offers players a nearly endless world to explore, collect heaps of items, and build whatever they desire. The game is so huge that players can keep collecting items and building as big aRead More →

Creating new worlds is a gamble in Minecraft, but players can use a seed to generate a world that has experienced ravines and start exploring right away. Ravine seeds can be used in Minecraft to generate specific worlds that have predetermined characteristics. Most of the higher ravine seeds have nearbyRead More →

Minecraft emphasizes allowing the player’s imagination to run wild. It’s about allowing you almost unlimited freedom to build what you want, play how you want, and do what you want. Minecraft is for everyone, regardless of playstyle or preference. The same goes for many tabletop RPG games, which is whyRead More →

guides Published on May 16, 2022 Kristina Ebanez Residence ” Guides » How to Get the Baby Moobloom in Minecraft Dungeons Minecraft Dungeons invites everyone to celebrate the second anniversary event, available only for a limited time. Players who complete special Season Trials missions will receive items including the AnniversaryRead More →

guides Published on May 16, 2022 Kristina Ebanez House ” Guides » How to Get the Birthday Cloak in Minecraft Dungeons Minecraft Dungeons is celebrating its second anniversary by throwing a memorable birthday party. This event will reward items and gear for players who participate in Seasonal Trials, which areRead More →

” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=” in-minecraft-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”Try these house designs inspired by Asian architecture in Minecraft” /> Minecraft is a popular game and people of all ages love to play it. The game lets you explore endless worlds and build everything from the simplest houses to the grandest castles.Read More →

This week another beta was released for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. These happen weekly as Mojang continues to polish features and prepare for the release of the 1.19 Wild update. Snapshots are also released weekly for Java Edition, showing how close players are to battling the Guardian or raising frogs inRead More →

If you want to move faster in Minecraft, you might be wondering how to make a saddle. These can be used on tamed animals, allowing you to easily navigate the map. However, understanding how to craft a saddle in Minecraft is a little trickier than expected. Although it’s not impossible,Read More →

Minecraft is one of the greatest games of all time. With millions of players jumping in and enjoying the game’s blocky universe, its popularity continues to skyrocket and its player base continues to reach new heights. However, players must first download the game launcher to access the game. The MinecraftRead More →

With so many Minecraft Bedrock servers, it’s hard to decide which one to choose in the first place. Joining each one and having to log in and out before finding the one you’re looking for can be a bit tedious. For those who have this specific edition, we can helpRead More →

Minecraft has grown into a bigger game than many, far beyond its decade-plus origins, with some of its massive roster of monsters and creatures that can make interesting allies. The animals of the Minecraft world come in all shapes and sizes, varying not only in looks but also in usefulness.Read More →

Minecraft has taken the world by storm, allowing players to be as creative as possible. No one could have seen this minimalist game become the success story it is today. Minecraft has truly embraced gamers and encouraged them all to create and build their own unique worlds. But creating theseRead More →

MinecraftThe ever-growing list of updates keeps disappointing, with last year’s version 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update turns out to be one of the most comprehensive in the history of the game, with so many features that some of them may seem secret. The biggest main feature of this update wasRead More →

So, are you considering having your own Minecraft server? That’s fine, but you’ll need to understand how much RAM is needed to ensure superb performance. This is not a simple question for those looking to do things on a budget. How much RAM does the Minecraft server need Having aRead More →