Enchantments are one of the most useful parts of Minecraft when it comes to almost every aspect of the game. Whether you’re gearing up in full Protection V armor or just finished enchanting your pickaxe effectively, there are certain enchantments that are likely to come to mind. when you seeRead More →

Minecraft gained worldwide popularity thanks to the freedom it gives players, allowing them to explore different biomes and shape the world as they see fit. Since its release, a passionate community has formed around the game, with players around the world creating incredible structures and expressing their creativity. The gameRead More →

It is perhaps impossible to argue that Mending is not the best enchantment in Minecraft. This enchantment makes players’ tools and weapons nearly indestructible, as once equipped, items will recover two durability for each experience point gained. As experience can be gained by farming, mining, mob killing, trading, gaining progressRead More →

Minecraft continues to attract players from many different gaming circles – some are broadly curious, some have seen their friends play, and some come to investigate because of the sessions they’ve seen with streamers or the huge realms fans have been watching. are built. But it’s been over a decadeRead More →

It has not been long since Minecraft Bedrock Edition received the 1.19.11 update. The developers are already busy tackling bugs and adding required features to the game. Today, Mojang released a new beta and preview version of Bedrock Edition. Upcoming betas will mostly deal with bugs rather than introducing excitingRead More →