Pumpkins in Minecraft are one of the most common and useful crops in the game. They can be found in most biomes in Minecraft, are easy to grow, and have a variety of uses. But unfortunately they don’t grow like other crops in Minecraft. For this reason, you must takeRead More →

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Minecraft Live 2022 since Agnes Larsson, the game’s Senior Director, announced when the event will take place. Minecraft Live is arguably Mojang’s biggest live event, as it’s when developers announce most of the new features they plan to add to the game. DuringRead More →

New Minecraft spin-off called Minecraft Legends which arrives in 2023 will allow players to interact with crowds and environments in different ways, just like Minecraft Dungeons did, and similar to the new enemies found in this dungeon crawler, this new game will have its own new monsters. We briefly sawRead More →

There are a number of reasons why Minecraft became one of the greatest releases in gaming history. Along with endless creative potential, it transcends age groups, has a simple yet distinctive look, and a relaxing soundtrack to boot. Essentially, it’s a video game about appreciating the little things. Sure, MinecraftRead More →

FUT Champions is the most competitive Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 23, as the best players seek to compete for the game’s most valuable prizes. Here’s a breakdown of the FUT Champions format and the rewards up for grabs. Players looking to build the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squadsRead More →

When players first enter Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they gather simple items like wood, sticks, cobblestones, etc. However, as players progress through the game, they will find rarer and more valuable items that will help them defeat tougher opponents. Some of these items are quite famous and are known to allRead More →

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games. You could practically create anything due to its popularity. The only problem with this game is your imagination. Minecraft: Bedrock textures not loading. But many Minecraft players are reporting an issue where textures are not loading for many characters in theRead More →

Minecraft Legends is set to spawn a whole new space for the series in games, following the success of Mojang’s dungeon crawler and of course the hit sandbox game. But, with a cooperative focus for the strategy stock title is Minecraft Legends cross-platform and does it support cross-play? Microsoft andRead More →

Mushroom Islands or Mushroom Fields are a unique biome in Minecraft where gigantic mushrooms grow. They are quite rare in the game and are usually found as isolated islands in the middle of the ocean, far from the player’s spawn, although there are exceptions to these rules. RELATED: Minecraft: HowRead More →

Finding the best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons can mean the difference between success and failure, so here are the ones to look for. While Minecraft is about building, Minecraft Dungeons is about destroying. Or at least save innocent people and fight vicious mobs. It’s an exciting game that combines tacticsRead More →

Minecraft Factions is probably one of the best Minecraft multiplayer game modes that users really enjoy. In terms of gameplay, the Factions servers will differ slightly from each other. The main idea, however, is that players start out in a huge PvP-enabled environment in which they form their own “factions”.Read More →

The latest Minecraft update focuses more on technical changes to performance, gameplay, mobs, and blocks rather than adding new content. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft saw constant updates for performance and content, giving users the ability to choose different game modes as well as introducing a wide variety ofRead More →

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players can install add-ons to enhance their gaming experience. While players can download these addons through Minecraft Marketplace, they can also obtain them from third-party sites and install them manually. Downloading and installing Minecraft addons manually can be tricky for newcomers. However, it’s not too complex comparedRead More →

Enchantments are one of the most useful parts of Minecraft when it comes to almost every aspect of the game. Whether you’re gearing up in full Protection V armor or just finished enchanting your pickaxe effectively, there are certain enchantments that are likely to come to mind. when you seeRead More →

Have you ever tried to build a house but kept falling off the roof? Do you have trouble climbing up and down ladders? If you like building in Survival Mode but struggle to reach heights, Scaffolding might be the block you’re looking for. However, with its peculiar crafting recipe, it’sRead More →

Minecraft gained worldwide popularity thanks to the freedom it gives players, allowing them to explore different biomes and shape the world as they see fit. Since its release, a passionate community has formed around the game, with players around the world creating incredible structures and expressing their creativity. The gameRead More →

It is perhaps impossible to argue that Mending is not the best enchantment in Minecraft. This enchantment makes players’ tools and weapons nearly indestructible, as once equipped, items will recover two durability for each experience point gained. As experience can be gained by farming, mining, mob killing, trading, gaining progressRead More →

Minecraft continues to attract players from many different gaming circles – some are broadly curious, some have seen their friends play, and some come to investigate because of the sessions they’ve seen with streamers or the huge realms fans have been watching. are built. But it’s been over a decadeRead More →

It has not been long since Minecraft Bedrock Edition received the 1.19.11 update. The developers are already busy tackling bugs and adding required features to the game. Today, Mojang released a new beta and preview version of Bedrock Edition. Upcoming betas will mostly deal with bugs rather than introducing excitingRead More →