3 Best Minecraft SMP Servers With Saving

The economy is at the heart of Minecraft servers. It’s what drives them, and it’s also the first thing most people notice when they move to a new community. If a gamer is looking for a good SMP server, there is more to consider than the number of diamonds in the game world or the number of chickens bred.

This article will discuss three different options with great savings along with how they work. These are great servers for any gamer who loves the business concept.

Best Minecraft SMP Servers With Smooth Economy For Players To Try In 2022

3) Mox™

IP address: moxmc.net

MoxMC is an SMP server with a legendary economy (Image via Mojang)
MoxMC is an SMP server with a legendary economy (Image via Mojang)

MoxMC is an admirable survival server with amazing economy. It has been around since 2014 and has a huge community with over 70,000 members on its Discord server.

The MoxMC community is very friendly and helpful. Players can ask its members for help with anything they need, from creating to installing new plugins on their servers. They can also just chat with them about what happened at school/work today. Additionally, they can offer advice on how to do things like add new players or make sure everyone knows what’s going on during events.

The economy on this server is really phenomenal and offers the possibility of creating shops and creating your own black market. Players can even participate in a fully operational stock market and trade stocks based on private stores owned by players on the server; they can become the next Warren Buffet but in Minecraft!

MoxMC has many plugins that allow players to play their favorite game modes. Moreover, this server also has some pretty cool mods that add new features. One of them allows players to view statistics of other players’ worlds through the web browser interface. That said, additional features are not necessary and players can choose which ones they want to use.

Amazing features of MoxMC include the following:

  • A map full of caves and dungeons to explore.
  • A team of friendly people who like to help players in need. They will go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome on their server.
  • An economy where players can buy items from other players’ inventories or craft them using recipes found in Minecraft worlds.

2) sunny survival

IP address: bms.sunnysurvival.com

Sunny Survival is a huge server with a thriving economy (Image via Mojang)
Sunny Survival is a huge server with a thriving economy (Image via Mojang)

Sunny Survival is a great option for players who want to experience the game with an economy. It is easy to join and has many features that make it appealing. The server offers only one game mode, which is Survival, where players have to keep themselves alive in the Minecraft world, along with other players. This server has been around for a while and has a small but extremely friendly community.

Simply put, Sunny Survival exists to provide a space for Minecraft players to play together. In its large player-oriented economy, one can build their own store to buy or sell items to other people. Moreover, they can also trade with other people in the community.

Minecraft players will be able to claim land, like on most other SMP servers, to prevent others from messing up their builds. They can create their own urban area and easily provide a place where tons of players can sell and trade items. It is extremely easy to become popular in this community; all it takes is just a little time and effort.

1) Pixel block

IP address: best.pixelblockmc.com

Pixexlblock is a wonderful SMP server (Image via Mojang)
Pixexlblock is a wonderful SMP server (Image via Mojang)

Pixelblock is a survival server with an economy. Similar to previous entries on this list, it uses an excellent plugin that allows players to buy and sell in-game items, as well as create their own store. The server offers many ways to earn money, including mining or killing monsters in Survival mode. In Pixelblock, the goal is to turn a city into something spectacular without installing mods or using any coding skills.

This offer offers Minecraft Bedrock compatibility, as well as access through top game releases. This server also provides tons of unique rewards for completing random tasks, such as voting for the server.

On Pixelblock, Minecraft players can also play Skyblock. The mode on this server is comparable to that on Hypixel. It is also a fantastic server for players who want to play with their friends, as Survival and Skyblock are two of the best multiplayer game modes.

Players can embark on the greatest adventure on Pixelblock. It boasts a friendly community and is unquestionably one of the best servers for anyone who wants to have fun with their friends. Thanks to an amazing staff and community, it’s a great option for both new and experienced players.

Tips and Tricks for Minecraft SMP Server

1) In-game items power the player-based economy on SMP servers. Depending on which one you are playing on, there may be several ways to obtain the corresponding currency. That said, common methods usually involve trading, mining, or killing monsters. If you are a new user, ask experienced veterans or server staff about the best ways to earn money.

2) Most of these Minecraft servers offer the option to create your own store using a vault system. This can be a very interesting feature. Its specific operation may vary from server to server due to different plugins, but it should be fairly easy to understand and you can always contact the staff.

3) With a command like ‘/rtp’ you can teleport (randomly) anywhere on the map on most servers. By doing so, you can quickly explore a ton of new locations in the world without having to start from your base location or server spawn area. Much like how the feature works from the last point, the command you use to teleport may be different or simply not exist on the server you’re playing on.

4) Be sure to claim whatever you build. You run the risk of others entering or altering your terrain if you do not. You will need to check out how to claim land on the particular server you have joined, as there are many ways to do this.

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