4 best mob farms for beginners in Minecraft 1.19.2

In Minecraft, gathering resources from mobs is one of the most important parts of the game. Several entities offer really valuable loot, so it is the player’s responsibility to go out and kill them to get it back. Also, some of the loot is almost impossible to obtain otherwise.

Getting drops from mobs can be tedious. To simplify things and maximize yield, players should try an auto-farm. Most entities can be farmed this way, but here are the easiest to create.

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Minecraft mob farms not too hard to make

4) Climbing plant

Magma blocks can kill vines (Image via Mojang)
Magma blocks can kill vines (Image via Mojang)

Creepers are a valuable mob to farm as gunpowder will come in handy later in the game. Whether you’re looking for Netherite or buried treasure, TNT is useful, but it’s not the easiest item to obtain. Luckily, an AFK creeper farm isn’t the most difficult farm to make.

The first step is to build the farm. You need to make the enclosure large enough for the water to flow. It should have enough space to place the hoppers and chests and for you to get in and out of. That said, if it’s too big, it can be a problem; keep the enclosure two blocks high and place hatches on the ceiling blocks.

This will reduce the height just enough so that only creepers and spiders can spawn. Run the water from end to end, with noxious Minecraft blocks and hoppers ready to kill creepers and collect gunpowder, respectively.

3) Iron Golem

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Iron golems might be the most beneficial mob to farm in all of Minecraft. However, building the farm can be tricky as it requires villagers, which can be hard to come by.

Start by digging and making an underground room. In it, place a row of glass blocks in the middle, separating the top and bottom. At the bottom, put three beds and villagers. On the other side of the room, place a zombie. Use slabs to make sure none of the entities can escape.

At the top, place water at one end of the room, so that it flows into the lava at the other end. Prepare a hopper and chest to collect the occasional iron and flowers. When the golems spawn, thanks to the panicked villagers, they will sink to their deaths. Here is a more detailed guide.

2) Skeleton or Zombie

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This is one of the easiest mob farms to craft and only requires one key ingredient: a mob spawner. A zombie or skeleton spawner can be found in a dungeon. Once it does, you can dig the bottom of the dungeon over a few blocks and run water through the middle. Next, dig this middle block and take a steep drop that leads to a hopper and a chest.

Also, be sure to place a slab one block above the spawner so that anything that spawns is forced down. When this happens, the mob will be pushed towards the center, where they will fall to their death. At the bottom, the hopper collects all Minecraft items.

1) Sheep

Sheep are a good mob to farm (Image via FoxCroft 4321 on DeviantArt)
Sheep are a good mob to farm (Image via FoxCroft 4321 on DeviantArt)

Sheep Farms can be a mob-killing type, which would be good for any peaceful entity that spawns during the day, such as a cow, pig, or chicken.

However, not all farms have to kill the Minecraft mob and can simply collect its resources. You can put up a fence with a few sheep in it. A row must have dispensers with shears. The next should be pressure plates, and the next row should be hoppers with chests connected below. Now whenever a Minecraft sheep has wool and steps on a pressure plate, it will automatically be sheared and will not be killed.

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