4 Best Places to Find Mob Spawners in Minecraft in 2022

In Minecraft, mobs normally spawn all the time. During the day, monsters spawn very frequently on grassy blocks. Sheep, cows, pigs and chickens are some of the easy to find mobs. At night, they are replaced by hostile mobs. Enderman, zombies, creepers, spiders and many more start spawning in the same way once night comes.

However, this is not the only way hostile mobs can spawn. They can also appear as a result of monster spawners. These spawners only create certain monsters and can only be found in certain locations. These are good sources of XP (whether by continuously killing spawning monsters or breaking the generator) and loot. Here are the best places to find these rare blocks.

Monster spawners in Minecraft: where to find them?

4) Final Portal Room

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In the End portal room, there is a spawner for silverfish. This is the only area where silverfish can spawn since it is the only place the spawner can spawn. It’s a guaranteed spawn, so every room in the End portal will have this spawner. It is always right in front of the portal itself and can be broken or illuminated with a torch to prevent spawns.

Finding this spawner is difficult because finding the fortress itself is difficult. First, it usually requires luck (sometimes mining below a village results in a fortress). Apart from this, it also requires multiple Eyes of Ender and the player will have to travel a great distance.

After Minecraft players find the Fortress, they still need to find the End Portal Room, which often takes a long time. Fortresses are notoriously difficult to navigate, and players will likely take many wrong turns.

3) Mine shaft

The cave spider spawners are in mine shafts (Image via Mojang)
The cave spider spawners are in mine shafts (Image via Mojang)

Players may get lucky and find a cave spider spawner in mine shafts. This is the only area where this type of spawner can be found, and they are always surrounded by dense walls of cobwebs that can be removed with swords.

Finding these spawners is also difficult as mineshafts are quite rare. They’re not the rarest underground structures, but they’re still a rare find in Minecraft.

Not all mineshafts have spawners, so finding one isn’t very easy. They are an excellent source of Twine, as many Cobwebs and Spiders drop it when killed.

2) Nether Fortress

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Nether Fortresses are a safe bet for Minecraft mob spawners, as these spawners are the only place flames can spawn. They’re not that common, but a given stronghold probably has a few different flame generators. The challenge in finding them is that they are located in the Nether.

The Nether is quite dangerous and finding a fortress is incredibly difficult. Minecraft players often scour thousands of blocks looking for a stronghold and find nothing. Unfortunately, these tough spawners are needed to beat the game. But once players find a stronghold, they can easily locate the spawner inside.

1) Underground

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Dungeons can be found underground in the overworld and are the most common way for Minecraft players to find spawners. They are most often for zombies, but skeleton and spider spawners can also be spawned. These are usually located deep underground and are surrounded by cobblestones and mossy cobblestones.

If a craftsman is mining or exploring a cave and comes across cobblestones they haven’t placed themselves, chances are it’s a spawner. They usually also have two chests with good loot.

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