5 Best Addons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition in January 2021

Minecraft Add-ons for Bedrock are a great way for Windows 10, Pocket Edition, and console players to add more interesting aspects to their game.

Add-ons in Minecraft Bedrock is a broad term. They include mods, modpacks, resource packs, adventure maps, and more. Minecraft add-ons are basically anything that can be added to the game.

There are thousands of add-ons, so it can be stressful for gamers to find the perfect one. This article lists five add-ons of different varieties so that players can easily find the perfect add-on.

Top 5 Minecraft Addons for Bedrock in January 2021

#5 – Translations

Picture via Minecraft
Picture via Minecraft

The translation add-on isn’t the most fun, but it can be beneficial for those who need it.

This add-on brings the translation feature from Minecraft Java Edition to Bedrock Edition. It is perfect for players who are not fluent in English and want their native language available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Download translations here.

#4 – Superhero Mod

Picture via Minecraft
Picture via Minecraft

Ever wanted to be a superhero, like in the movies? It’s the perfect add-on for gamers who answer yes to that question. In SuperHeroes Mod, players can adapt to their favorite superheroes.

In this add-on, players just have to put on the full suit of the hero they like, and they can then adopt their powers. This adds many unique features to the game that players usually don’t have, such as flight in survival mode.

Download SuperHeroes Mod here.

#3 – Cave Update

Picture via Minecraft
Picture via Minecraft

This Minecraft Bedrock addon is ideal for players who like to spend time exploring caves and mining. It brings many different new features to Minecraft, and the add-on is mainly based on the 1.17 update which will be released soon.

With this add-on, cave biomes, new weapons, new mobs and more will be added to Minecraft.

Some new structures or items a player can find while using this add-on include:

  • Spider Nest: A hole filled with spiders, which can be quite dangerous if they fall into it, but yield substantial loot.
  • Ancient Nether Portal: Abandoned Nether Portals, usually missing a few blocks of Obsidian, but if repaired can be used as normal Nether Portals.
  • Vases: Vases look like flowerpots, but when broken they can drop a variety of loot.
  • Iron and Gold Chests: Both of these chests spawn underground, with gold chests usually spawning lower down. To open chests, players must have iron and gold keys.
  • And much more !

This add-on brings many new items, weapons, structures and more to vanilla Minecraft, making the game more interesting.

Download the cave update here.

#2 – Madoku Handicraft Rock Base

Picture via Minecraft
Picture via Minecraft

Texture packs are great for players who are tired of the normal Minecraft look and want to spice things up.

Madoku Craft for Minecraft Bedrock gives the whole game a smoother and more simplistic feel. Blocks are less detailed than they are in vanilla Minecraft, so they look less busy and flowing.

This add-on, which is a texture pack, gives a whole new look to Minecraft without completely losing the original vanilla Minecraft look.

Download Madoku Craft for Bedrock here.

#1 – Aardvark Dragons

Picture via Minecraft
Picture via Minecraft

Is there anything really more awesome than dragons? With this Minecraft addon, players can add realistic dragons to their Minecraft. Dragons can be ridden, named, and cared for with meat. Many new items are also added in this add-on.

This core Minecraft add-on adds dragons to the overworld, which players can ride and care for.

New items added to the game include:

  • Undyed Dragon Egg: The egg that spawns dragons. All a player needs to do is dye the egg with a regular dye that matches the color of the dragon they want.
  • Crystal Carrot: Similar to a Golden Carrot, but more expensive to craft. Crystal Carrots are needed to craft an Undyed Dragon Egg.
  • Zeus Soup: When consumed, Zeus Soup grants 1 hunger, 3 strength, and 3 speed, for approximately one minute.

Recipes for crafting these items are available at the link below.

Download Aardvark’s Dragons here.

(Warning: This list reflects the personal opinions of the writer. As there are many such cards, it is up to each individual to select one or the other according to their preference.)

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