5 Best Armor Types in Minecraft Dungeons

Many Minecraft Dungeons players would agree that defense plays an important role over offense. Armor sets define the player. Players will need to farm armor sets and upgrade them with enchantments and artifacts.

In Minecraft Dungeons, players can find a wide variety of armor sets. Each armor has its pros and cons. Some armor sets are attack oriented while others are for tanking or healing etc. This article shares some of the best armor in Minecraft Dungeons.

Best Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

5) Ember Robe

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Ember Robe has been in Minecraft Dungeons since its beta stage. By using Ember Robe, players can get a 15% increase in movement speed. In addition to the speed bonus, Ember Robe also reduces the cooldown of artifacts by 25%. Armor is often used for speedrunning as it helps reduce overall time spent.

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Ember Robe also has a special ability to burn nearby enemies and damage them. Players can get it from Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Obsidian Pinnacle, and also from Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants.

4) Verdant dress

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Like Ember Robe, Verdant Robe is another variant of Evocation Robe in Minecraft Dungeons. It reduces the cooldown of the artifact by 40% and increases Soul Gathering by 1. When using it, Verdant Robe also increases the maximum number of souls.

Verdant Robe is in the same location as Ember Robe. Players can obtain Verdant Robe from Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Obsidian Pinnacle, and also from Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants.

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3) Sturdy armor

Sturdy armor (Image via Mojang)
Sturdy armor (Image via Mojang)

The Stalwart Armor is the unique Reinforced Mail variant in Minecraft Dungeons. This is a defense focused armor set and will definitely help players survive longer. The Stalwart armor has an enchantment called Potion Barrier, which will boost the player’s defense whenever they use potions.

Rugged Armor provides 35% damage reduction and has a 30% chance to negate hits. Players can get it from Fiery Forge, Lower Temple, and Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants.

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2) Renegade Armor

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Renegade Armor is the unique variant of Mercenary Armor. It increases the player’s melee attack speed, defenses, and attack strength.

Renegade Armor increases melee attack speed by 25%, reduces incoming damage by 35%, and grants 20% weapon damage boost aura.

Players can obtain Renegade Armor from Arch Haven, Fiery Forge, Cacti Canyon, Piglin Merchant, and Luxury Merchant.

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1) Wither Armor

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Wither Armor is arguably the coolest and strongest armor in Minecraft Dungeons. Its design is similar to withers skeletons. Wither Armor provides 35% damage reduction, increases gathered souls by 50%, and grants 6% lifesteal aura.

Players can obtain the Wither Armor from Desert Temple, Lower Temple, and Obsidian Pinnacle. Like many other armor sets, players can also obtain it from Luxury, Mystery, and Piglin merchants.

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