5 Best Gold Farm Designs For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft has many genres – sandbox, survival, exploration and resource management, to name a few. The last gender is the focus of this article. Due to the nature of the game, players will need abundant access to resources to survive and thrive in Minecraft worlds. A few resources help with survival more than gold.

Gold has relatively few uses when looking at other metals and materials in the game. The tools and armor players can craft aren’t particularly useful, nor are rail systems most of the time. , as ice paths and elytra tend to overpower them.

But gold has an incredible use that no other resource can touch: the golden apple. This is a huge boon to the player’s survivability and is the only reason to build farms just for the gold itself.

Explore these gold farms in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

5) Gravity Fed Dungeon Farm

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Although the most inefficient design on this list, it makes up for it for one simple reason. This design can be used from day one of a new Minecraft world. They can use this farm as long as the player has access to a zombie spawner or a skeleton spawner.

Due to how mob spawners work in Minecraft, these dungeon spawners can spawn zombies or skeletons wearing gold armor pieces. Once these mobs are fed through the farm and killed by the player, they can sometimes drop said armor. If they do, the armor pieces can be melted down to get gold.

Throughout the player’s time in the world, this should yield enough gold for a few golden apples. That might not seem like a lot, but it could be the difference between a successful Ender Dragon or Wither Fight and a player dying.

4) Gravity-fed zombified pig farm

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This farm works very similarly to the gravity-fed dungeon mob farm in that the primary method of clearing gold-dropping mobs is gravity.

This farm takes advantage of the zombified piglins that sometimes spawn when a nether portal is broken. Players can use this by constantly updating the lava and water bucket dispenser to break and re-ignite the portal consistently and continuously. This causes zombified pigs to spawn in a stream of water that will push them to their death in a hopper collection system.

Although basically the same as the dungeon spawner farm, this one is much more efficient. Zombified piglins will drop gold nuggets themselves instead of relying on Minecraft’s RNG to provide pieces of gold armor to smelt. This farm can also give players Rotten Flesh, which can be turned into Emeralds with a Cleric Villager, making these two farms one.

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3) AKF Trident Killer

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This farm is a more sophisticated version of the gravity-fed zombified pig farm. It uses many of the same ideas, such as using the chance of zombified piglins spawning when a portal is broken to supply monsters to the farm.

The main difference is that gravity tubes do not kill piglins. Instead, the player uses pistons to push monsters in a circle, using a ground-thrown trident to kill them while holding a three-pillage sword. This greatly increases the drop rate of monsters, thus increasing the efficiency of the farm. This Minecraft farm will provide the player with XP for each zombified piglin killed.

2) Firm AFK trident storage system

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This farm is very similar to the previous one. The main difference is that it uses many different Redstone components and game systems to create an automated item sorting system that will help keep Farm Exit Chests organized and searchable.

This will provide the same drops as the previous farm, but can teach players the basics of Minecraft’s automated storage systems, which can be used in other areas of a player’s base or even other farms.

1) Lower Side Turtle Egg Farm

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This is the most advanced gold farm design mentioned so far. It uses a few of the previously mentioned systems, such as the piston-powered trident killer, to great effect using four of them on four different mob-summoning platforms.

This farm takes advantage of the faster spawn rates the zombified piglins have down below and their desire to crush turtle eggs to lure them into the drop trap to send them to the killbox.

It is also the most efficient farm mentioned and can result in around two stacks of gold blocks per hour when fully built, more than enough gold for most Minecraft players.

The only downside to this farm design, in terms of efficiency, is that there will occasionally be magma cubes spawning on the farm layers, which can interfere with zombified piglin spawns.

However, they tend to jump off the platform and disappear, so the issue is minimal and shouldn’t affect the pace of the farm much. Even if they don’t jump off the platform, they should still disappear in 30 seconds.

There is an additional downside to this farm though, which is that the basic farm design will not provide any experience to the player. This can be mitigated by using a rail system, moving between kill boxes to give the player the experience. However, the basic version of the farm does not have such a system.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the views of the author.

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