5 Best Minecraft 1.18.1 Modpacks in 2022

Minecraft has one of the largest modding communities in the world of video games. On the CurseForge site alone, over 90,000 mods are available.

One of the best things about the game is that players can run multiple mods at the same time. This can be done by assembling many mods or playing a modpack. The latter seems to be more popular as there are tons of modpacks with millions of downloads.

Many modpacks have already been updated to support the latest version, 1.18.1. This article lists some great modpacks for players to try.

To note: The article reflects the author’s own views.

Modpacks for Minecraft 1.18.1

5) OriginsSMP

Origins SMP is one of the most popular SMPs on YouTube, with big names like TommyInnit, Philza and many more. The OriginsSMP modpack is based on the different origins of the Origins mod.

To enhance the iconic origin experience, there are many exciting add-ons such as Atlantis, BetterEnd, BetterNether, Extra Origins, and more.

Download OriginsSMP from here.

4) Dark RPG

With the help of mods, the game can be turned into almost any type of game. The DarkRPG modpack turns the sandbox game into a dark-themed RPG game with quests, custom bosses, and more. When starting a new world, players can choose their race and class like classic RPG games.

Download the mod here.

3) Light Speed ​​FPS Booster

As the name suggests, Speed ​​Of Light FPS Booster improves FPS while keeping vanilla gameplay. Installing the modpack is a convenient way to download multiple optimization mods at once without requiring you to configure them. Players who are struggling to run the game at a playable FPS can try this quality of life modpack.

Download Speed ​​Of Light FPS Booster from here.

2) Medieval Minecraft

The aesthetics of medieval times have always interested players. It offers over 250 different mods to take players away from vanilla gameplay in the medieval age. There are dungeons, dragons, mythical creatures, magic, and more to discover.

Download the mod here.

1) Best Minecraft

This mod does exactly what its name suggests. It’s designed for players who wanted Minecraft 2.0, with a massive expansion of its existing features. Players can find tons of new mobs, biomes, structures, dimensions, and many unique things in the Better Minecraft modpack.

Download the mod from here.

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