5 Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Mods For Low End PC In 2021

Minecraft Mods are great for players who want to add more to their Minecraft.

Mods in Minecraft, short for Modifications, are folders that players can add to Minecraft which add more functionality to the game. Some mods are simple, adding only a new monster or item to the game, and other mods are very complex, adding many new features to the game.

Some mods even change all the functionality of Minecraft, making it almost a whole new game. For Bedrock players, most mods need to be purchased from the Minecraft Market.

This article lists the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition mods for low-end PCs.

5 Best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Mods For Low End PC In 2021

#5 – Better Helicopters

Better Helicopters is perfect for players with low-end PCs because this mod doesn’t add a bunch of intense new features to the game. It only adds helicopters, which players can pilot and fly around the map.

Better Helicopters comes with eight different helicopters and a huge city map.

Download better helicopters here.

#4 – Lot of lucky blocks!

Picture via minecraft.net
Picture via minecraft.net

Lucky Blocks are very cool blocks that can be added to Minecraft through this mod. When broken, Lucky Blocks can drop a variety of things, both good and bad. This mod is perfect for players who are willing to give it a shot.

Lot of lucky blocks! delivered with:

  • 10 different types of lucky blocks
  • More than 500 different results
  • Lucky blocks to make
  • Custom Lucky Block Village

Download Lucky Blocks Bundle! here.

#3 – Hoverboards

Hoverboards as described add hoverboards to Minecraft. Players can ride on hoverboards or complete different obstacle courses. This mod can be played solo or with friends.

This mod includes over 60 different hoverboard combinations and a free skin pack.

Download hoverboards here.

#2 – Weapon Expansion

The weapon expansion is perfect for Minecraft players who love PvP. This mod adds over 40 new weapons to Minecraft, along with the introduction of magic scrolls. Everything added from this mod is fully customizable.

Download Weapons Extension here.

#1 – Dogtopia

This mod is perfect for players who absolutely love dogs. Dogtopia includes 10 unique dogs, the ability to play as a dog, and 10 dog costume skins. Not to mention that Dogtopia is completely free to download.

Download Dogtopia here.

(Warning: This list reflects the personal opinions of the writer. Since there are many such mods, it is up to each individual to select one or the other according to their preference.)

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