5 Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds for Jungles in 2022

Minecraft is a game known for its ability to be constantly evolving and dynamic. The game has an infinite sandbox world, allowing players to explore to their heart’s content.

With exploration being one of the most important aspects of Minecraft, Mojang made sure to add a plethora of interesting biomes to the game, one of which is the jungle biome and its variants. This article will introduce some of the best Minecraft seeds for jungles in 2022.

To note: Due to seed parity and the following seeds generated on Minecraft 1.18, the Java and Bedrock versions of the seeds are the same.

Top 5 Jungle Seeds For Minecraft Bedrock (2022)

5) Jungle next to stony peaks (Seed: 18289033)

This seed spawns the player on the border of a vast plains biome and a forest biome. A huge mountain can be seen silhouetted against the sky. The seed is unique because it contains multiple biomes that can be located easily.

A small jungle biome can be found next to a stony peaks biome directly south of the spawn area. Other biomes of interest include a desert, badlands, and a jagged peaks biome.

4) Appearance of Bamboo Jungle (Seed: 1374097615)

This seed spawns the player into a huge bamboo jungle filled with thick bamboo and endless greenery. Near the spawn, players can find several cave entrances that lead to different caves.

A huge, lush cave system stretches directly beneath the jungle, with caves spanning thousands of blocks and huge caverns along the way.

3) Jungle Hills and Lush Cave (Seed: 743324574)

This seed spawns the player in a snowy taiga biome. After enjoying the beautiful landscapes the snowy biome has to offer, players can head to a jungle biome with a uniquely generated lush cave system. The cave is exposed and is located right in the middle of the vast jungle biome.

Cave entrance: 1767, 115, -1934

2) Jungle Woodland Mansion (Seed: 150589112544105406)

This seed spawns Minecrafters in a jungle biome. Immediately, a huge wooded mansion is right next to spawn. The mansion’s van is looted for valuable resources.

However, it is recommended that the player cultivate rudimentary materials before looting the woodland mansion. Another point to note is that the roof of the mansion contains a fully generated jungle temple.

1) Island Jungle (Seed: 1423185990)

This seed spawns the player on a massive island covered in a jungle biome. Many hollow and expansive cave systems can be found on the island, providing players with everything they need to complete most parts of the game progression. Some interesting caves and cliffs can be found on the island, except for a Stony Peaks biome.

Jungles are some of the most interesting biomes to explore in Minecraft. Home to rare “jungle temple” structures and rare mobs like pandas, players will likely spend tons of time exploring these vast biomes.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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