5 Best Ways to Find Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons (2022)

Minecraft Dungeons offers many different items that players can obtain throughout their game. The most useful of these include melee weapons, armor, ranged weapons, and artifacts.

However, these items have different levels of quality, with the best items being part of the unique rarity, which gives them special physical appearances as well as abilities. Here are some of the best ways for players to get such unique items.

5 Best Ways to Find Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons (2022)

When players are looking to get their hands on unique items, there are several ways to make it easier to get them. On the level select screen in Camp, players can actually see which items drop in each level.

Obviously, the first thing to do when targeting a specific unique is to make sure the player is running a level that the base version of that unique can drop into. In this way, players can increase their chances of finding that particular item.

1) Speed ​​up levels in Minecraft Dungeons

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Probably the most efficient way for players to find uniques is to level up as quickly as possible. Using a build that can deal massive AoE damage to quickly destroy mobs will be very effective.

Additionally, picking certain levels with special bosses and chests may result in increased uniques found. The more levels and monsters a player defeats, the more likely they are to find the items they want.

  • For this method, players may want to play at a lower difficulty if they are just looking for specific items, so they can complete items faster. They can always increase the strength of the item at the blacksmith later.

2) On higher difficulty levels. the chance of falling is increased

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While lowering the difficulty level can make it easier to farm a large number of monsters, a higher difficulty level will directly increase the drop rate of unique items. This is especially evident at higher levels of Apocalypse difficulty, where uniques can be re-rolled multiple times.

However, players will need to work harder to be able to kill mobs as fast as possible in this mode, and should be played at an individual comfort level.

  • Additionally, some unique items will only drop on Apocalypse difficulty. This means that farming on anything less than that may not give players the drops they need.

3) Check Vendors in Minecraft Dungeons Camp

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There are 6 vendors that reside in the Minecraft Dungeons camp. Although each of them is beneficial to the player in its own way, some have to be checked by the player every time they come to town.

The Luxury Merchant will receive new inventory each time a player completes a mission and is a great source for turning Emeralds into Uniques, as they regularly have Unique items in their shop.

  • The more slots players have for vendors, the better their chances of getting unique items. An effective strategy is to farm a mission that the player can complete quickly, collecting all the drops, then checking vendors for unique ones in town. Sometimes players can get lucky and find a unique product much easier from the seller.

4) The Piglin merchant will exchange a player’s gold for quality items

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When players complete an Ancient Hunt, they unlock a Piglin Merchant in their camp. As Minecraft players know, Piglins love gold, and this Piglin Merchant will sell players quality items that are better than normal quality items for gold obtained in Ancient Hunts. These items are called golden items and they have more stats than normal items, and are therefore better versions of unique items.

  • Ancient Hunts can be difficult, and players must sacrifice gear they already own to have a chance at better items in Ancient Hunts. For those who are able to complete them, they are worth it, but the challenge is not to be taken lightly.

5) Trade items from other players in Minecraft Dungeons

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When playing with friends or other players online, they may come across an item that a player wants to trade with. The good news is that a player can use the Gift Wrapper merchant to send items to another player.

However, items that are traded with another player cannot be returned or traded with another player afterwards. This means players should make sure they are ready to part with the item before trading it.

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