5 Easiest Farms to Build in Minecraft Version 1.18.2

Minecraft 1.18.2 is the latest version of the vast sandbox title. Farms are one of the main features of the game as they provide players with plenty of items from a well-structured gear. There are many types of farms, each providing players with a surplus of items. As new players enter this vast game, there are some accessible farms that can help them on their journey ahead.

There are three types of farms: manual, semi-automatic and automatic. In manual mode, players must work on it at all times to produce items. In semi-automatic they only need to do certain things and the gadget will work automatically. In automatic, players can completely leave the farm to work automatically.

5 Easiest Minecraft Farms to Build in Version 1.18.2

5) Iron Farm

New Minecraft players will soon need iron for most of their tools and other valuables. Therefore, they can create a simple iron farm with the help of iron golems in a farm. Players will need to place villagers in an enclosed space with beds, and as soon as they craft an iron golem, they can pour water into the lava to kill and get iron ingots.

4) Crowd Spawn XP Farm

As players venture deeper into caves, they may find a spawner where hostile mobs spawn. Over the years, players have found a way to leverage this to create a very efficient XP and item farm.

Players can expand the dungeon spawn area and pour water on the ground into a pit where players can quickly kill spawned mobs for loot and XP without getting attacked. Compared to other farms, this is one of the easiest to build if players are careful.

3) Sugar cane farm

Sugar cane is one of the most valuable crops in the game as it gives players sugar and paper. Paper can be used to craft multiple items and can even be used to trade with villagers. Making a sugarcane farm is relatively easy as players only need a spotter to see if the crop has grown and a plunger that breaks the crop so players can pick it up.

2) Red Berry Farm

Glowberries are the new vine in Minecraft that generates in the new Lush Cave biome. These emit dim light and can also be eaten. Players can easily auto-farm these vines with watchers and pistons. Hoppers and chests can pick up the dropped item and players can pick it up.

1) Cultivation farm

Agriculture Farm is one of the first farms that a player creates when entering the game. It is essential for the players as they get multiple crops from it which helps them to raise their farm animals. Players can create the simplest farm by manually sowing seeds and using bone meal to grow them, or they can use villagers and other techniques to make it automatic.

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