7 Coolest Things About Spookyfest and Spookier Fall 2021

With autumn in full swing, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons fans still have time to enjoy the season with their favorite games. MinecraftSpookyfest 2021 seasonal event offers benefits to players until November 2, 2021 and Minecraft DungeonsSpookier’s Fall 2021 also runs until November 2.

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If players prefer the traditional Minecraft or most recent Minecraft Dungeons, there are a number of tricks and treats to enjoy in both. Besides new cosmetics available on Minecraft Marketplace and seasonal rewards in Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft fans can find fun Halloween activities to experience in real life on the Minecraft website.

7 Minecraft Marketplace: The Spooky Guardian

The Scary Guardian in Minecraft

Minecraft fans may have first felt a pang of jealousy upon discovering that the Gourdian Armor set would be released as a variant of the Grim Armor set for the Minecraft Dungeons Halloween event, Spookier Fall 2021. However, Mojang finally decided to add the Spooky Gourdian set as a free item on the Minecraft Marketplace for players to enjoy. Minecraft‘s Bedrock Edition as well.

The Spooky Gourdian set gives players the appearance of wearing a Soul Fire Jack O’Lantern as a helmet within an otherwise dark armor set. The Spooky Gourdian set will be available for free from October 13 to November 2, 2021. Unfortunately for Minecraft players using the Java edition of the game, there is no known way for them to acquire the Spooky Gourdian set at this time.

6 Minecraft Marketplace: The Cauldron Cover

The Cauldron Cover in Minecraft

Much like the Spooky Gourdian set available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players, the Cauldron Cover set found on the Minecraft Marketplace from October 19 to November 2 is also inspired by an armor set from Minecraft Dungeons: the Armor of the Cauldron. Unlike the free Spooky Gourdian set, however, the Cauldron Cover set will cost players a nominal fee.

The Cauldron Cover set lets players dress up in a rather goofy Halloween costume to look like a bubbling witch’s cauldron. Players who value exclusivity may appreciate this set over the Spooky Guardian simply because the Cauldron Cover set cannot be acquired for free.


5 Minecraft Marketplace: Halloween Fiends Skin Pack

The Halloween Fiends skin pack in Minecraft

One of the most popular features of Minecraft is the endless range of potential character customization presented by the ability to use custom character skins. So, Minecraft gamers are sure to be excited about the availability of the Halloween Fiends Skin Pack, a free set of five unique character skins. This seasonal skin pack will be available from October 26 to November 2, 2021.

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The Halloween Fiends Skin Pack is available on the Minecraft Marketplace and allows Minecraft players to disguise themselves as a handful of aggressive mobs. This free skin pack includes Creeper skin, Zombie Piglin skin, Enraged Enderman skin, Zombie skin and Werewolf skin. Each of these skins features a cute human face peeking out from inside the costume.

4 IRL: shop to unlock an exclusive skin pack

The Minecraft Crafty Costumes Skin Pack

Minecraft fans who decide to make costume purchases from the Japanese Micrafan store or the global site HalloweenCostumes.com in October 2021 may be eligible to win a code for the Minecraft Crafty Costumes skin pack to redeem in-game. This code does not can only be acquired by purchasing select Minecraft items through the Micrafan Store or HalloweenCostumes.com during this time.

The Minecraft Crafty Costumes skin pack includes five spooky skins for players to wear Minecraftfrom the Bedrock edition. Although much of this particular Halloween offering takes place online, Minecraft encourages fans to buy Minecraft costumes so they can represent their favorite games offline as well.

3 IRL: Printable Minecraft Masks and Stencils

A pumpkin carved in Minecraft style

Fortunately, Minecraft also offers fans a fun seasonal activity that requires no online purchase. MinecraftThe Spookyfest news update, released on October 1, 2021, includes Minecraft masks and stencils for carving Minecraft pumpkins.

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Admittedly, not everyone celebrates Halloween, so Minecraft fans may choose to avoid using these downloadable pumpkin carving stencils. However, stencils should not be used strictly for decorating pumpkins. These printable stencils can ultimately be used for a number of Minecraft-inspired craftsmanship, even beyond October.

2 Minecraft Dungeons: Spooky New Items

A banner promoting Minecraft Dungeons Spookier Fall

Sure, Minecraft isn’t the only Mojang game to feature a Halloween event in 2021. Minecraft DungeonsSpookier Fall runs from October 13 to November 2 this year and offers players a variety of spooky new rewards. While new items such as the Phantom Bow and Skull Scythe are easily identifiable as new weapons, players who appreciate a more original look will certainly appreciate the addition of the Cackling Broom as a new variant of the traditional Glaive.

Naturally, with the addition of new weapons comes new armor. Minecraft Dungeons players can complete their spooky new look with the addition of Gourdian Armor and Cauldron Armor, both of which offer matching sets in Minecraftfrom the Bedrock edition. These fun seasonal items are available for Minecraft Dungeons players as free rewards for completing seasonal quests during the Spookier Fall 2021 event.

1 Minecraft Dungeons: Night Mode

Night mode in Minecraft Dungeons

While the Minecraft Dungeons “Night Mode” might not be a brand new feature for Spookier Fall 2021, players will surely be pleased to note that issues with mobs spawning during Night Mode have been resolved just in time to enjoy the creeps of darkness. Night mode in Minecraft Dungeons was used to set the spooky atmosphere in the game’s Spooky Fall 2020 trials and is now being used to set the tone for Spookier Fall 2021.

Minecraft Dungeons players brave enough to tackle the game’s night mode will encounter aggressive mobs at an increased rate. Beyond that, players will take continuous damage from the night itself, represented by a ghost that attacks players at fixed intervals. The only way for players to end Night Mode in Minecraft Dungeons is to revive all fallen heroes. Technically, the night also ends if all players are dead.

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