7 Minecraft Bonkers Mods That Will Throw You Into Total Madness


Returning to modes that make things much, much harder, our old friend Fundy was so confident with this next challenge that he pledged to give to the person who beat him the fastest before October 31, 2021. , $2,000.

In this difficulty, breaking any block with “log” in its name results in a silverfish exploding out of the block towards you, and is followed, usually, by your quick death. It’s not over when you finally manage to chop down that tree either. Every decomposing tree leaf spawns a slime and ‘every slime is incredibly explosive’, Fundy tells viewers. He demonstrated by shooting a mud with an arrow, which resulted in a large crater.

The player must also keep alive a cat named Boots, named after Fundy’s real-life feline. and relatively close, otherwise the player will die. This means that Boots must accompany you to the Ender Dragon.

Days—by far the safest time to Minecraft– also only last about ten or fifteen seconds. Nights, on the other hand, last about ten minutes and cause all mobs except Skeletons to turn into Axolotls determined to kill you. Skeletons, Fundy demonstrates, spawn normally because they shoot arrows at machine gun speed. As if that weren’t enough, Creepers even ride Axolotls now! You are not safe anywhere. This plugin really takes Impossible++ and puts him on unfathomable amounts of steroids.

“I learned something from the previous difficulties. I learned that I’m always too lenient with you and that I should stop doing it,” says Fundy. “If you stand still for [more than] five seconds anytime anywhere…” he begins before being interrupted by a massive explosion that kills his character. In a similar explosive theme, you won’t do any Cakes anytime soon: the candy cane explodes when hit.

If you make it to the Nether somehow, every step will set you on fire. If you stand still, you won’t be set on fire, but you will still explode. “The only way for you to survive the Nether is to have leather boots,” the mod’s creator explains, but the catch is that they degrade the longer you wear them.

Finding the ending isn’t easy either. The eye of the ender recipe is also changed to require an ink bag and Lapis lazuli. The ending has been heavily edited. “It was just warm-ups. This is where it gets fun,” Fundy told viewers. The final crystals were encased in glass, which cannot be passed through in Minecraft, while water kills you, and the Ender Dragon – already a formidable challenge without modification – has been modified to throw TNT, to which it is immune, when perched. If the Ender Dragon takes damage, it casts deadly magic at you in revenge. Should you place a bed and try to sleep in it while you’re at the end? He spawns yet another Ender Dragon that you must defeat; there is no limit to the number that can appear.

If, despite all this, you manage to defeat the ender dragon(s), it has one more attack up its scaly sleeve: rain down a lot of magic and TNT on you. “I really don’t know how you’re going to do this. I have no idea if it’s still possible. I did not try; I’m not going to try that,” Fundy told viewers. In the description of the video, he said that he didn’t reveal all the cheats for this difficulty either.

Yet, despite the obstacles, Minecraft players tend to find a way. Fundy was able to confirm to me that the challenge had been completed and that “a few” players had contacted him with proof of their races. However, there is some ambiguity surrounding who actually won the challenge as he cannot definitively remember it. Speaking with Fundy, he said “there’s a good chance” it’s the creator of YouTube yatsuwho beat him in about one hour, 49 minutes and 29 seconds. However, yatsu said that draconix was the fastest and “House Builder Gang” claimed on Twitter winning and receiving the funds.

Y atsu realized two key things in the rules that helped them succeed: you are allowed to do it in multiplayer and you can choose your own. plant, provided it doesn’t have the ending portal pre-filled. After many failed attempts, the yatsu stumbled upon what they considered to be the perfect seed. Strategic kills were used to regenerate health, and once they realized there was a cap on the maximum number of monsters that could spawn in a chunk, they leveraged it to run mostly without opposition; yatsu did this by digging a hole two blocks deep, placing a log, then breaking it so the silverfish would be trapped in it and consume the allowed mob limit.

Do you think you have what it takes? While the contest period is over, the plugin is still available. I appeared and my attempt was immediately interrupted by an arrow machine gun firing skeleton. On my second attempt, I was able to survive for about ten seconds.

You can get this plugin here.

MinecraftThe community of is thriving and there’s no denying that its love of entertainment masochistic challenges is strong. A strong community – including mod developers – around games is an important factor in their continued longevity. I can’t wait to see what creators of all stripes continue to create for Minecraft in the years to come.

Kyle Wilson is a freelance games journalist. You can find his Twitter here.