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At the genre’s intersection between a slash-em-up, a dungeon crawler, and a game designed for kids, lies a glorious party ground made of blocks. Minecraft Dungeons is by far the most fun I’ve had in a video game recently. Developed by Mojang Studios and Double Eleven, this video game is a Minecraft spin-off without any open-world building and mining. It’s available for free on the Xbox-PC Game Pass, and I recommend you get it without thinking twice. But here is my opinion anyway.

The game’s main story follows the quest to defeat an “Illager” named Archie, who has gone to the dark side. “Arch-Illager” has sworn revenge on those who wronged him and sends hordes of monsters to devour villages. We are the heroes, going on a perilous journey to save the world. Armed with nothing but a simple sword and bow at the start of the game, Minecraft Dungeons is a remarkable growth story, as the battle is over in five to ten hours. But the brevity of the game works to its advantage: involving really focused fun and ensuring the game is over before we tire of it.

If you’ve ever played Minecraft, you might know that the game’s graphics are basically a bunch of clunky, textured blocks. Despite this, the cards in the game are incredibly beautiful. The lighting in the dark dungeons and castles gives an interesting aesthetic to the game, and the music maintains the excellence present in the original versions of Minecraft.

As a series of games generally considered suitable for beginners, Minecraft Dungeons has good variability in terms of difficulty. Level progression can become steep and forces us to take time to think about our weapon options and upgrades. The current version of the game also features cross-play cooperative gameplay, allowing up to four players to team up against “the Arch-Illager”. Based on a combination of weapon choices and special items, the cooperative gameplay offers the possibility of using different combat strategies to overcome the most difficult levels of the game.

The quest to find and free ‘Arch-Illager’ from the corruption that controls him is murky. There are multiple creatures to defeat, and the path ahead can seem endless. But, Minecraft Dungeons is a story of hope. He constantly rewards us, even if we only shot an arrow at a green vine. All hail games that give us 10 drop-items per minute! The bounty of Minecraft Dungeons will ensure that people will play it forever. 5/5 for this fun dungeon crawler.