A removed Minecraft block could inspire a compelling future update

The future of Minecraft looks brilliant thanks to all the content Mojang has already planned for it. The Wild update is set to release later in 2022, adding a wide variety of new content, ranging from new monsters that inhabit the swamps to mysterious buried cities found deep in the bottom of the world. Minecraft has more on the way than the Wild update, too; there are a lot of features like archeology that have been postponed, but may still be coming soon. Nonetheless, Mojang is still in the market for another update. Once the Wild update is released, it will already be time to prepare Minecraftthe next expansion.


Many recent Minecraft updates looked to the future of the game by adding totally new elements and mechanics, but a future Minecraft update should consider looking at Minecrafthas passed. Mojang removed some notable blocks from Minecraft in the past, and one in particular seems to be a great motivator for updating: gear. Gears briefly appeared in Minecraft before its alpha period, but they have been absent from the game since then. Mojang should seriously consider bringing the gears back into a Minecraft update which is about new machines that players can build using refined metal and rare resources.

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A machine-focused Minecraft update

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Gears have been replaced with red stone during Minecraftthis is the beginning, and now, Minecraft players craft redstone gear that blows the mind. However, there could still be a compelling use for the gears in Minecraft. While redstone can send signals to the ground in Minecraft, he can’t run straight into a multi-block wall without the help of player innovation. Cogs seem like a great way to relay redstone signals upwards in a more streamlined way, especially if the cogs can be linked to new redstone-powered machines in a special way.

Minecraft is full of blocks and magic items, but it doesn’t have much advanced technology, apart from some blocks that transmit and respond to redstone signals. This means that Mojang has ample opportunity to introduce a variety of new machines to the game, crafted using gears, ingots, and redstone components. Maybe Mojang could give players the tools to create an assembly line that automatically crafts items when given the right components, or maybe Minecraft will get a new mob that is robotic in nature, emitting redstone signals as it wanders through an area. Advanced technology like this may seem strange in Minecraft, but if players can already craft iron golems and pistons, then further advancements just seem logical.

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Minecraft’s industrial revolution

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Mojang has already laid the groundwork for a machine-heavy update. She recently added copper to Minecraft, and while the uses of copper in Minecraft are limited beyond decoration for now, its actual reputation as a highly conductive metal might make it useful in making machine wire. Along with the game’s other well-known metals, Mojang could allow players to craft alloys that certain machines need to function, or introduce an engineering workbench with an extra-large crafting grid designed for complicated machines. The more creative Mojang gets with a machine update, the better.

It remains to be seen if a technical update is something Mojang has in mind. Recent Minecraft the story certainly focused on the fantasy elements of the game, rather than pushing the technological boundaries of the player’s crafting skills. Still, the prevalence of redstone and redstone devices sets a good precedent for future technology updates. For now, however, Minecraft fans will just have to look forward to the other new features in the Guardian and the Savage Update. They may not be tech-focused, but Wild Update content still promises to diversify the Minecraft experience to a large extent, showcasing the kind of creativity that made Mojang’s flagship game so successful.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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