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One of the most adored aspects of Minecraft that has kept the game popular for so long is the modding aspect and the huge modding community. Although there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of mods available for free for gamers to download, some are far more popular than others.

Among these popular mods, Twilight Forest is one of the most popular ever made. The horror-themed mod was released in 2015 and has garnered over 60 million unique downloads. Although the mod may indeed be over seven decades old, it still holds a very active community of loyal fans and the mod still receives frequent updates.

How to install the Twilight Forest Mod for Minecraft?

The Twilight Forest mod is available for several different versions of Minecraft. Specifically, it is available for versions 1.17.1 up to version 1.6.2. However, it must be said that the versions that support older versions of the game do not contain all the latest and greatest mod features.

Installing the mod is quite simple and the installation process matches any Forge mod. All players should drag the downloaded Twilight Forest mod into their “mods” folder. The official Forge download link for the mod can be found here.

There is even a fabric version for those who prefer to use the Fabric modloader, which can be downloaded here. However, it should be noted that this release is likely to be less stable and less tested than the original Forge release.

What the mod does

The Twilight Forest mod is a popular Minecraft mod that adds a new dimension. It also adds creatures, objects and structures to the game. Players can explore this dimension with their friends while playing on a modded Minecraft server or by themselves if they want to be more careful.

To access the new Twilight Forest dimension, players will need to create a special portal constructed from grass, dirt, podzol, and mycelium. The gate itself can be made in different shapes and sizes. After building the portal, players will need to throw a diamond inside to activate the portal, as shown in the video below.

Once activated, the portal can be jumped inside and players can begin their adventure in the mysterious world of The Twilight Forest. Players will encounter dungeons, numerous boss battles, and unique loot in this dimension.

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