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Minecraft Dungeons has a wide variety of monsters to fight. Many are based on the original Minecraft mobs, like endermen, zombies, spiders, and skeletons. One of these monsters is the Skeleton Vanguard, often simply referred to as the Vanguard.

In Minecraft Dungeons, it’s one of the toughest mobs to face, so here’s what players need to know about it.

Complete Guide to Skeleton Vanguard in Minecraft Dungeons

Skeleton Vanguards in Minecraft Dungeons are a desert variant of the Skeleton. These variants are the protectors of the desert temple and the bodyguards of the Nameless One, which is a boss of this level also known as the Nameless King.

They can be seen wearing an iron breastplate and a leather belt around their waist, as well as an iron helmet which has a brown band near the base with a golden stud in the middle.

The Skeleton Vanguard can be very difficult to kill.  Picture via Minecraft
The Skeleton Vanguard can be very difficult to kill. Picture via Minecraft

The Skeleton Vanguard wields a uniquely shaped shield that is made of wood and has golden sides with an iron piece in the middle. Armor on the vanguard cannot be obtained by the player. This mob wields a glaive for attacks, one of the new weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

The Skeleton Vanguard can be found in these tiers:

  • desert temple
  • lower temple
  • Panda Platter
  • overgrown temple
  • lonely fortress
  • Abyssal Monument (in secret area)
  • The fortress
  • Sometimes in other levels during daily trials

A skeleton vanguard has two main behaviors. The first behavior is walking, which they do constantly. If a player is nearby, they will walk towards them. Once they get close enough, the second behavior will occur.

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The second behavior is attack. In an attack scenario, their shield absorbs the first attack. The Skeleton Vanguard has a longer range than most other hostile monsters, so it can hit its targets from farther away.

This long range also makes it easier for them to take down player allies, such as wolves, who cannot get close enough to them due to this glaive.

It can have a power level of up to 103, which means it will have well over 3600 hit points, making it a dangerous and difficult monster. Additionally, the Cursed Presence is an ancient Vanguard variant that can be encountered during Ancient Hunts.

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