Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft can now be purchased together

It finally happened. The Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft will be bundled and sold together on PC starting today. Don’t worry if you have one edition and not the other: Mojang has confirmed that players will get free access to any edition they don’t own in the coming days. Both editions are accessible from the Minecraft launcher. They will retain their respective characteristics and will remain separate from each other.

Dive into the Deep Dark but avoid Warden monsters in Minecraft update 1.19, The Wild.

Mojang first announced plans to sell the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft together late last year. At the time they said it would happen sometime in 2022, although now that we’re here I don’t feel any different, do I? The Bedrock and Java joint package will now be the only way to buy Minecraft on PC, but you can always skip one of them if you really prefer the other.

Minecraft update 1.19, The Wild, is also available today. This brings new biomes in the form of the spooky Deep Dark and the significantly nicer Mangroves. It introduces the new frog and tadpole monsters, with three types of frogs to encounter that Mojang says will produce their own version of the frog block if you feed them slimes. Beware of Warden mobs if you venture into the Deep Dark – they deal the highest non-explosive damage of any mob in the game.

If you’re confused by the new mobs and biomes to expect from the latest Minecraft update, check out Hayden’s handy guide for everything we know about The Wild 1.19 update.