Bedrock Edition rather than Java Edition?

Minecraft’s gruesome Wither boss is one of the most dangerous mobs in the entire game alongside the Ender Dragon, and Bedrock Edition players should take extra care before summoning it.

With extra health, a fast attack, and a change in its attack behavior, the Wither is an intimidating boss to face in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Players hoping to defeat him should prepare as much as possible, including packing tons of healing items, food, and ammo. Using high-level enchantments on Durable Diamond or Netherite gear will also go a long way.

Minecraft: Wither Comparison Between Java and Bedrock Editions

The Wither behaves differently depending on the version of Minecraft being played.  (Picture via Mojang)
The Wither behaves differently depending on the version of Minecraft being played. (Picture via Mojang)

For players who may not be aware, the Wither boss works somewhat differently between Minecraft versions. While it’s definitely not an enemy to play with in Java Edition, its changed behavior and increased health in Bedrock Edition make it an even more imposing foe. Players facing this enemy will want to report its differences between editions of the game.

The differences in Wither between the two main editions of Minecraft are as follows:

Minecraft: Java Edition

  • When he finds a mob, the Wither will hover in the air and shoot Wither Skulls at him. Each head fires on its own, allowing it to focus on multiple targets at once. He can rarely also shoot a blue withers skull.
  • The Wither won’t actually target a player until it damages them.
  • The Wither recovers half a heart every second, and landing the killing blow on a target will instantly heal them for 2.5 hearts.
  • When reduced to half health, the Wither gains armor that makes it immune to damage from arrows fired or tridents thrown.
  • Has 300 hit points, the equivalent of 150 hearts.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

  • When it notices a mob, the Wither fires three Wither Skulls and one Blue Wither Skull. If the Wither is unable to find a path to its target on normal or higher difficulty, it will fire blue Wither Skulls at its target as well as in random directions.
  • When Minecraft players cut it in half, the Wither will cause an explosion that spawns Wither Skeletons on normal difficulty or higher. He will additionally gain the armor he has in Java Edition. He will also use a fast attack that will damage blocks and mobs in his path.
  • Has 600 health, the equivalent of 300 hearts, and twice the health of its Java Edition counterpart.

In both editions of Minecraft, the Wither will explode upon death and leave a Wither Rose in its wake. Additionally, when summoned, the Wither will drop the light level (even during the day) to 11, allowing hostile mobs to spawn and attack, unhindered by sunlight.

The Wither is undoubtedly a tough boss to beat in Minecraft, but knowing its stats and behavior is half the battle. With sufficient preparation and solid execution, players can look forward to defeating yet another intimidating foe.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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