Best Ancient City Seeds to Use in Minecraft (June 2022)

Minecraft update 1.19 adds the new deep underground city. Players can create world seeds to spawn nearby along with other features.

One of the new structures released with the 1.19 update of Minecraft is the ancient city. Players will know they’re getting close when they find Sculk Blocks, dark, glowing blocks that players can use to create a Sculk Farm in Minecraft. To find Ancient Cities, players will need to search deep underground in the dark and aptly named biome, which is covered in Sculk blocks. Deep Dark biomes and ancient cities are usually found under mountains.

Ancient cities are large open areas appearing at very specific coordinates. More specifically, they are found at Yes: -52 and below, near the bottom of the map. If players dig from there, they will soon hit bedrock. The ancient cities of Minecraft are in a wide open area, so they’re easy to find as long as players look in the right places. To get there, players will need to dig, but be sure not to dig directly.


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Players should beware when exploring an ancient city. They can find excellent loot in chests scattered around the area, but there are deadly enemies in the ancient city. The terrifying guardians lurk within, ready to ambush the unwary adventurer. The Guardians in Minecraft have distinctive noises and unique animations, and players will want to have powerful armor and weapons before they do battle with these enemies.

Best Ancient City Seeds in Minecraft

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World seed creation occurs when players create a new world. In the world creation screen, select More options. From there, players can enter the seed into the text box. There are probably many other seeds that could be considered the best Minecraft seeds but have not yet been discovered. In the past, seeds generated different worlds for Java and Bedrock editions. This has recently changed as the 1.18 update of Minecraft ensures that now both versions generate the same world. Now, no matter what version of the game players are using, these world seeds will work.

  • Seed 5146159088207717555: Generally, there is one Ancient City per Deep Dark Biome. This one has a huge dark and deep biome and ten ancient cities with plenty of loot to find. Just head for the snowy mountains.
  • Seed -3583656773070355489: This ancient city is quite easy to find; just dig. It’s never a good idea to dig straight Minecraft, so create stairs. It’s also a good idea to get better gear before venturing into such a dangerous area, but some players like a challenge.
  • Seed -4212966053895285705: Another seed that spawns players directly above the Ancient City.
  • Plant 4798244056301981241: There is an ancient city nearby, under a mountain with a special village in Minecraft and a dungeon with spider spawners.
  • Seed 965005309095848990: Here, players will find themselves in a savannah biome. There are many biomes including badlands, a coral reef, and a mine shaft surrounding the ancient city.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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