Best Dungeons, Ranked by Loot

from Minecraft the structures are what makes the game the most exciting. Each of them usually offers some degree of challenge, with enemies guarding a treasure chest full of loot. With several aerial and underground structures in the game and more to come with the 1.19 Wild update, the future of adventure in Minecraft looks shiny.

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These following dungeons or structures have been chosen as best dungeons of Minecraft to explore, solely because of the value and/or usefulness of their loot. Loot can also include mob drops of specific enemies that also spawn in these locations. But among the best dungeons, which of them has the most valuable loot?

ten Ocean monument

Ocean Monument in Minecraft
  • Best loot: Sponges, prismarine, gold blocks

The oceanic monuments, although among the High Minecraft dungeons, rank lowest on this list due to their rather niche loot pool. While it is true that Ocean Monuments are essential for obtaining extremely rare items and resources in Minecraft like prismarine and sponges, these items have very limited use.

The only general loot any player will see using are Gold Blocks, which can be used to trade with Piglins when converted into Bars. Otherwise, sponges and prismarine are only really useful for players looking to build underwater and construct a conduit.


9 mine shaft

Minecraft screenshot showing a cave overgrown with vines.  Abandoned mine shafts span a lava lake.
  • Best loot: Enchanted Books, Golden Apple, Gold Bars, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Enchanted Golden Apple

Mine shafts are very common Minecraft structure found underground, along with several treasure chests. Some are also bigger than others, with several cave spider spawners that can be turned into emergency XP farms.

In terms of loot, it’s all pretty basic but still extremely useful. Enchanted books have a 14% chance of spawning in a chest, which is correct. Additionally, various ores can also be found in chests, along with Beetroot, Melon, and Pumpkin Seeds, which are great early to mid-game items.

8 ocean ruins

Minecraft Ocean Ruins
  • Best loot: Enchanted Book, Enchanted Fishing Rod, Buried Treasure Map, Emerald

from Minecraft Update 1.13 introduced ocean ruins, which spawn in all types of ocean biomes. They usually spawn in clusters of several ruined constructions on the ocean floor and are guarded by drowned mobs.

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Several of these structures will feature a treasure chest, which has a 21% chance of having an enchanted book. Treasure maps leading to even better loot have 43% of being in these chests. Additionally, since fishing is so powerful, these chests also have a chance to generate powerful enchanted fishing rods. Given their frequency, these ocean ruins are not to be overlooked.

seven jungle pyramid

Minecraft jungle pyramid
  • Best loot: Iron, emerald, gold, diamonds, enchanted book

Those lucky enough to find a Jungle Biome should scour it to find a Jungle Pyramid. These paved structures have two chests inside: one at the end of the hallway and one behind the levers near the stairs.

What makes it such a great structure, despite a low chance of spawning enchanted books, is the relatively high chance of getting diamonds. At 12.9%, players can expect to eventually find a diamond or two (or three) in one of the two treasure chests. This makes jungle pyramids powerful early in the game.

6 Nether Fortress

Minecraft Nether Fortress
  • Best loot: Diamonds, Iron, Nether Wart, Gold, Blaze Rods

Nether Fortresses are a basic dungeon for Minecraft players, but not necessarily due to valuables. While it is possible to find Diamonds, Iron, and Gold in some chests, overall the loot remains average among the other dungeons on this list.

The reason it ranks so high is because of its useful loot. Nether Wart and Blaze Rods are both essential for making potions and for eventually finding a Stronghold and beating the game. So technically no player can avoid going to a Nether Fortress if they want to complete the game.

5 desert pyramid

Minecraft Desert Pyramid
  • Best loot: Enchanted Book, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Enchanted Golden Apple, Golden Apple

The Desert Pyramids are a grossly underrated dungeon. They’re pretty common, just like desert biomes in general, so encountering one won’t be a problem for Minecraft players. Also, a single pyramid has four chests at the bottom, so there are plenty of chances to get some nice loot.

In the early game, it has one of the highest chances of dropping an enchanted book at around 23.5%. It’s likely that players will find their first enchantments in a desert pyramid if they can safely descend. Additionally, Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, and other resources are also commonly found in these chests.

4 Bastion

Minecraft Fortress
  • Best loot: Diamond, Enchanted Book, Emerald, Golden Apple, Ender Pearl, Iron

Strongholds are very rare and hard to find without crafting Eyes of Ender. But, if players find them, they’re great for loot. Along with potentially having a chest with an ender pearl, diamonds, emeralds, and iron, they often come with a library section that has a 67% chance of spawning an enchanted book.

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Also, if players haven’t created an enchantment in-game yet, mining these shelves in the library counts as good loot. Iron Equipment and Iron Tools can also be found in some Altar Chests if players are in desperate need of new armor.

3 Remains of the bastion

Bastion Remnants Minecraft Piglins
  • Best loot: Ancient Debris, Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe, Netherite Scrap, Enchanted Book, Magma Cream

Bastion Remnants are one of the hardest dungeons to defeat Minecraft, and therefore they also have very valuable loot inside. Although it could be argued that they are better than Woodland Mansions due to the possibility of getting Ancient Debris or even Netherite Remnants, compared to guaranteed drops of Totems of Undying from a Woodland Mansion , they always rank lower.

Players have a 13.5% chance of finding Ancient Debris, which Netherite Remnants are made of. Gold Bars and Blocks can also be found in Bastion Remnants, along with Golden Carrots, which are considered one of the the best foods Minecraft.

2 Woodland Mansion

Minecraft Woodland Mansion Overview
  • Best loot: Golden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple, Diamond Chestplate, Totems of Undying Emeralds

The Woodland Mansions’ general loot and rarity might weigh their place in the eyes of some Minecraft players, but given that these dungeons guarantee a ton of Emerald Drops and Immortality Totems, it’s hard to argue they’d rank below second place.

Immortal totems are one of the most powerful objects Minecraft, allowing players to cheat death when held in hand. That alone shows that these dungeons are worth it. Some versions of the mansion also contain a diamond block.

1 Arrival city

Minecraft End City with a ship
  • Best loot: Enchanted Gear and Weapons, Diamond Gear and Weapons, Elytra

When it comes to the best article of Minecraft, there is no doubt: the Elytra. Being able to fly and travel quickly from place to place is essential in a game with an infinite world and long distances.

The Elytra is also exceedingly rare, only being found in specific End cities with an End ship. And if the Elytra itself isn’t a good enough reward for players, there’s also a range of chests inside End Cities containing no less enchanted diamond gear and weapons. It’s from afar the best dungeon to grind for solid enchanted loot.

Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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