Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds April 2022

Bedrock Seeds has always offered players new ways to experience Minecraft. With the popularity and longevity of Microsoftis the frequently updated game, it’s no surprise that fans keep coming back for more. These pre-determined locations have you covered and waiting to take you to all kinds of exotic and exciting destinations.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bedrock Seeds in Minecraft, we’ll briefly explain what we’ll be looking at here. Bedrock Seeds is incredibly useful for creating pre-determined game worlds, ranging from bustling villages to remote islands, and offers the player a new challenge on the popular Minecraft experience. Simply grab the code under each entry in this list, head to the Create New option when opening the game, and insert the sequence to load your new adventure.

These seeds will only work on the Bedrock version of the software, so make sure you’re playing the correct version on the correct platform before you start trying to load new worlds!

Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

  • Sunken Temple: -5181140359215069925
  • Brennenburg Castle: -577384543
  • Giant Portal Village: -567784840
  • Massive Mushroom Island: -1743547513
  • Triple Blacksmith Village: -590916043
  • Center of the world : 2111844826
  • Mountain above the clouds: -969535336
  • Survival Island: -2108063506
  • Lush Caves: -905752474

sunken temple


Seed: -5181140359215069925

This nautical seed allows the player to make their best impression of Link, launching you into a fascinating underwater world. But don’t get distracted by beauty and loot for too long as you’ll face your fair share of brutal enemies. If you can take down the temple defenders, who knows what wonders might be in store the deeper you dive into this overwhelmed addition.

Brennenburg Castle


Seed: -577384543

This homage to the dilapidated setting of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a must for all horror fans. You can roam the titular castle on this seed and come across different secrets and easter eggs as you venture into the seedy interior. It’s been out for a while now, but if you’re looking for a scare as you craft and adventure, this might be the seed you need.

Giant Portal Village


Seed: -567784840

Need easy access to the depths of the Nether? Look no further than this seed. Not only can you jump right into the fight below the surface, this seed also offers a quaint village where you can prepare for every descent. So load up this option and get into the thick of it fast, but don’t forget to stock up!

Massive Mushroom Island


Seed: -1743547513

There’s no shortage of mushroom-rich seeds available for Minecraft, but this might be our favorite. Spawn in a mushroom wonderland and venture to the snowy side of the island once you’ve had your fill of vegetation. Just make sure you don’t miss an encounter with a delicious Mushroom Cow, and stock up on some soup before you venture too far.

Triple Blacksmiths Village


Seed: -590916043

Too many cooks can ruin a broth, but you can never have too many blacksmiths. Use this seed if you want to get the most out of your weapon forging in that spruce place. Many seeds give you easy access to crafting, but this is our new benchmark, and now you can even look like super-gunsmith Tony Stark while working in the forge.

Center of the world


Seed: 2111844826

This seed is an ideal choice for those looking for a bit of everything. Spawn in the ocean, surrounded by over six different types of biomes, including Mushroom, Tundra, and Mesa, as you can fight and craft to survive, discovering secrets and wildlife along the way. It might not be the most mind-blowing of additions, but it’s a fun choice when you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a new world.

Savannah, Canyon and Badlands


Seed: 495603

Put on your desert boots and grab your pickaxe because we’re heading for the dunes in this seed. Here, you’ll find a huge canyon filled with earthen pyramids and a wealth of materials for you to get creative with in your crafting. When you’re done with the desert, you can go in search of some of the rare biomes located in this seed, including the jungle and the large birch forest.

mountain above the clouds


Seed: -969535336

On this list, we go from the lowest canyon to the highest peaks. This seed creates a towering mountain that the player can climb, charging you high into the clouds to admire the savannah biomes below. While not for the faint-hearted, this seed is a must for anyone looking to tackle their own in-game Everest.

survival island


Seed: -2108063506

There’s no shortage of seeds geared towards survival situations, but this one might be our favorite. With calm rivers and idyllic shores, you might be fooled into thinking this is the perfect getaway, but hidden zombie spawns have a very different idea. Fight the hordes and know your bearings as you race to safety in this secluded experience.

lush caves


Seed: -905752474

Have you ever wished your cave exploration was a little greener? In this seed you will find Minecraft caves more beautiful than you have ever seen before, with trees, vines and green vegetation. However, just because it’s more beautiful doesn’t mean it’s safer at these depths, so be sure to arrive equipped for more than just the scenic drive.

This is a roundup of our best Bedrock seeds so far, but be sure to keep an eye on Reddit, where the active Minecraft community is almost always discussing and sharing their best seeds. Of course, it’s not just seeds that can add a new dimension to your game either, and we’ve recently compiled a list of Minecraft mods for you to check out to grow even further. With these new adventures, we hope you’ll pick up the old pickaxe and go to town with some of our exciting suggestions.

Minecraft is available now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices.

– This article was last updated on April 3, 2022