Best Minecraft maps to play with friends

Minecraft is often considered one of the greatest games of all time as well as a fantastic choice of multiplayer game for friends. Needless to say, it has grown monumental with its multiplayer experience since its conception in 2011.

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As such, the community began creating maps that would take the game’s unique playstyle and survival aspects to new lands. With the advent of many iconic maps such as Skyblock or Five Nights At Mickeys, Minecraft offers a ton of maps that can be enjoyed in good company to create some truly awesome memories.


5/5 soul bound

Soulbound is a great map for those looking to use their head to prevail. Delivering on its promise of action and suspense, Soulbound will take you through 12 levels of puzzle solving, boss slaying, thrills and adventure. It features seven to 12 hours of gameplay, so you can expect a ton of fun between you and the friend you’re taking along on the journey.

The game even features unique resource packs for designated players one and two. Player one uses a bow and is allowed to engage in dialogue with NPCs, while player two uses a sword but cannot engage in dialogue. During these many hours of gameplay, you can expect boss battles, custom soundtracks and textures, and puzzles. This map is ideal for those looking for a more breathtaking twist on an otherwise action-packed and gripping story.

4/5 light sword

If you are a fan of Zelda and other games of the same style, then the Sword of Light card is for you. You and a friend head to a nameless land in search of treasure hidden in the elusive “Cliffside Temple” while the locals whisper rumors of a “Dark Power” and monsters. Gameplay centers around puzzle solving, parkour-focused dungeon exploration, and slaying monsters as you search for the nameless treasure.

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The map was also handcrafted, meaning no world editors were used in its creation. The map’s creator, Spaniel, also said that the map has been in development for nearly four years, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of polish with this one. It’s a perfect card to enjoy with friends when the market seems dry and none of your other games are catching your eye.

3/5 Payday 2: Game over

Payday 2: Endgame is good enough to have been a standalone spin-off from the developers of the Payday series, giving us the golden opportunity to see our Payday favorites in all their blocky glory. With four-player co-op, seven heists, and three main locations, it’s a fantastic choice for having fun with friends. Four of the map missions are based on Payday 2 missions, so there’s a bit of nostalgia if you’re a long-time player.

The only downside to this map is that there’s only about one to three hours of gameplay. It really is a great option for everyone from the casual gamer to the most hardcore Payday fans. The scenarios of the heists are also excellent. You can rob an old man on New Year’s Eve – isn’t that cool?

2/5 Miscommunication 2

Are you and your friends struggling with calls during games? If you’re looking to strengthen your team bonds, this is the card for you. Miscommunications 2 is one of the funniest maps available simply because of the premise: you and three friends try to solve puzzles, but you’re limited in the words you can use. As you may have guessed, this will escalate into total chaos.

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The map contains seven puzzles in total, three of which return from the previous installment of Miscommunications. The rules of the puzzle are determined by you and your friends, so it can be as difficult as you want. The map will take about three hours or less from start to finish, depending on your ability to communicate. That being said, buckle up and prepare for agonizing headaches and gleeful laughter as you progress through the map’s trials.

1/5 The coldest winter

Coldest Winter begins with a scene very similar to the opening of The Forest, with a plane crash and you’re thrown into a survival situation. This map is split into two parts and requires four players to play. Take your friends and your jackets because the temperature is not your friend on this map. Part 1 of the map is all about surviving in a brutal environment that’s a lot tougher than your average Minecraft world; however, all is not as it seems.

As you head into phase two, you and your companions come across a mansion that provides welcome shelter from the desolate tundra. As you make your way through the winding hallways and explore, you might notice that this mansion is a little more than just an outdoor haven. Dotted the mansion with strange secrets and hidden crawl spaces, but what will they be used for? It seems that you have far more ominous adversaries than the freezing cold.


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