Best Ravine Seeds to Use in Minecraft (May 2022)

Creating new worlds is a gamble in Minecraft, but players can use a seed to generate a world that has experienced ravines and start exploring right away.

Ravine seeds can be used in Minecraft to generate specific worlds that have predetermined characteristics. Most of the higher ravine seeds have nearby villages, and some have other structures that can be explored. Using seeds is an easy way to get started quickly Minecraft without wasting time running and looking for an area rich in resources. There are several prominent ravine seeds that have lots of resources to mine and at least one structure or village to explore.

Ravines are landforms that usually contain a lot of resources, including iron, gold, and diamonds. Most ravines have waterfalls and flowing lava, so there’s usually obsidian at the bottom as well. Getting to the bottom of a ravine can be done easily by descending a waterfall to reach the lower levels. When using a Ravine Seed in minecraftplayers may also stumble upon an abandoned mineshaft or fortress.


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One of the best benefits of using a Ravine Seed is that some have mineshafts or strongholds to explore in Minecraft. These areas contain chests with great prizes, as well as mobs to fight to gain experience. At least one mob spawner will also be located somewhere in a mine shaft or stronghold. Not all ravine seeds have additional features, so players should make sure to generate one of the best worlds to mine resources and find rewards quickly.

How to Use Ravine Seeds in Minecraft

Best Ravine Seeds To Use In Minecraft May 2022 Infinite Ravine

In order to use one of the best Minecraft seeds of ravines, players will need to select the option to create a new world. From there, players can select more options and then scroll down the screen. At the bottom there will be a field where a seed can be entered to generate a specific world. The best ravine seeds have other places of interest nearby, such as a mansion, settlement, or fortress.

  • Seed 2065486297: This seed will spawn players near an abandoned village with a ravine next to it. At the bottom of the ravine, there is a fortress that can be explored.
  • Seed 823486800: There are several villages in the immediate area when using this seed. The ravine surrounding the nearest village has diamonds at the bottom, as well as a fortress to explore.
  • Seed 113560767: This seed’s ravine passes directly by a mansion, so players will have plenty to do as soon as they spawn.
  • Seed 97016321: South of this seed’s spawn point, there is a desert village and a large ravine with a mineshaft and diamonds to find in Minecraft.
  • Seed 105899026: This seed contains a ravine with a mineshaft located next to a heavily populated village with lots of loot to grab.
  • Seed 1935762385: There is a large village with a ravine nearby to explore and a second village not far from where this seed spawns.
  • Seed 1915631036: This seed’s ravine is in the badlands near the spawn point. There is a dungeon in the ravine, as well as a mob spawner on the surface in the badlands.
  • Seed 141280768: This seed has a village and a ravine with an exposed mineshaft to explore.
  • Seed 390711946727789782: There are two ravines near where this seed spawns, and there is also a village nearby.
  • Seed 178882732764519: This seed has a ravine and a large village near the spawn point.

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