Best way to get leather in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is a game about gathering resources and surviving in a hostile world. There are many, many different resources you need to be successful in your survival world. One of the most important resources to have is leather, which is needed for shelves and enchantment tables.

But how do you get a lot of leather quickly? What is the best and most efficient method to grow leather quickly? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this article for the top 5 ways to get leather. Minecraft!

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5 best ways to get leather in Minecraft, ranked from best to best

With that introduction done and out of the way, let’s jump right into the main article!


Loot Chests

The first way to collect leather in large quantities is to loot the chests you find in the world. As you explore, you’ll discover tons and tons of naturally-generating structures. This includes desert temples, underground dungeons, abandoned mineshafts and much more. Inside these structures you can find chests, which almost always contain a good amount of leather inside.

I wouldn’t recommend making this your main source of leather. It’s because it’s not that reliable to get a ton of it very quickly. You still have to explore the world to find them, and there’s too much RNG involved for this to be a reliable source of these items. However, it is good to keep this method in mind when exploring underground mining minerals. It’s a good idea to loot leather from chests in addition to any of the other methods mentioned below.


AFK Fishing/Fish Farm

A more reliable (but still RNG-based) way to get leather Minecraft it’s fishing with a fishing rod! When you fish in Minecraft, in addition to getting fish, you also have a chance of getting “junk” items. These items include a bunch of different things, such as ropes, bones, and yes, even leather! Leather has a fairly low chance of being picked up when fishing with an unenchanted rod.

Due to the low probability of this chance, I wouldn’t recommend doing this method manually if you’re only looking for leather. If you really want to make this a viable way to get leather (and other valuables)… You should start an AFK Fish Farm. This is a device you can configure that allows your character to automatically fish in-game while you’re AFK!

This is a great way to get leather passively, but you have to be AFK while doing it and can’t do anything else in game. You can avoid this problem by leaving your computer or console on all the time. night (just make sure your device can’t hear you). You can find a guide (made by YouTuber Taffy) on how to build an AFK fish farm by clicking the link here.


Barter with Piglins

Next, our guide to the top 5 ways to get leather Minecraft, we have the ability to barter with piglins! Piglins are a type of mob found in abundance in the Neather. They are a race of pigmen with a mad thirst for gold. They are generally hostile to the player, but if you approach them wearing gold armor, they will be friendly to you and won’t attack you.

Once you’ve approached a piglin this way, you can now throw a gold bar. This will make the piglin pick it up and examine it. After a few seconds, he’ll send you a random item to collect! These items can be one of many different things. You can get Enchanted Books, Armor, Crying Obsidian, and most importantly, Leather.

Due to the RNG nature of this method, it is best to set up a piglin trading room to do many, many barter deals at once. Having a setup where you can quickly trade with many different piglins will increase the amount of leather you pull (as well as many additional, more valuable items). You can watch a tutorial (made by YouTuber Shulkercraft) for building a piglin trade hall by clicking the link here.


Trade with villagers

For spot number 2, we have our next method, trading with villagers! Throughout your Minecraft world, you will discover tons and tons of naturally generated villages built by a strange race of villagers. These villagers not only have a cosmetic function, but they can interact with them to trade with them! The currency they usually take is Emerald, but you can also trade regular items with them.

To do this method, you will first need to either find a village that has spawned naturally. OR you convert a zombie villager to a regular villager instead. You can watch a tutorial for doing this (made by YouTuber Stein Plays) by clicking here. Next, find a Leatherworker Villager (or place a Cauldron, which will cause a normal Villager to convert to one). Interact with him to open his trading menu. Start trading with him and he’ll level up, unlocking even more trades!

You’ll want to keep doing this until leather appears as an option. Once you’ve done that, it should be pretty easy to get a decent amount of leather with him. Normally they cost emeralds, which you can get easily if offered by another villager in exchange for something like wheat. You can set up a market hall for villagers to get many villagers to trade with at once! A tutorial (made by YouTuber Moretingz) can be viewed by clicking this link here.


Kill cows with an enchanted plunder weapon

And last but not least, the absolute best way to gather leather in Minecraft is simply by killing cows with an enchanted plunder weapon. This is a fairly obvious and straightforward method of obtaining leather, as cows are a natural source of it. While killing cows with an ordinary weapon is fine, you can greatly increase the amount of stuff you get from them with an enchanted plunder sword!

In order to get a sword with Looting III (the highest level), you will need to craft shelves and an enchantment table. Place the enchantment table, then place a bunch of shelves around the table on all sides. Then take some lapiz and a regular book and place it inside the enchantment table by interacting with it. Select the Tier 3 option at the bottom and there’s a chance you’ll get Looting III.

If you don’t get it, that’s okay. Keep putting more books and selecting the level 3 option until you finally get it. Just keep in mind that it costs XP to enchant a book/weapon/tool. Eventually, once you get Looting III, put it on a sword by placing it inside an anvil. Now all you have to do is find cows in the wild or set up a cow pen where you can breed and then kill them to get large amounts of leather. This is a very simple and straightforward way to get lots of leather fast!

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