Call of Duty: What if it was the new Minecraft after the Xbox e-acquisition?

Exclusives are necessary in any service or platform. Digital media, such as video streaming, video games, etc. They generally do not benefit users who are not enjoying a game due to the desire to wage a console war.

Of course, we’re not saying anything new, but we must say the least to remind you how judging Microsoft Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is complex talk, especially when it comes to the Call of Duty superpower. .

Microsoft and the Xbox Fire have the ability to deliver exclusives and amp up their offering, so it’s still not always possible to do Call of Duty exclusives. Given the number of cases in play, the idea is certainly worth it, for the best of all: it’s also going to be tempting and understandable for Xbox and Game Pass which are not limited to its exclusives, it is not about of time, and taking into account that there are more than two possible uses of the series. Xbox gamers have Call of Duty, and making it exclusive wouldn’t give them access to anything new.

Call of Duty: Second Modern War characters with weapons in hand.

The debate can be deepened, but at this stage we do not want to know more about these kinds of questions. No, we want a solution, because the truth is that an acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft could have more consequences than an exclusive or non-exclusive purchase.

What if the new Minecraft is called Call of Duty?

Obviously, the biggest acquisition was Mojang and Minecraft. At the time, it was a mistake that was not obvious, compared to the amount needed: 2.5 billion dollars. Today, the Activision Blizzard acquisition will be worth $68.7 billion, but at the time it caused a stir.

We can now know that the acquisition of Mojang and Minecraft was one of Microsoft’s biggest investments. Not only is the game still a hit, but it’s also a hit, as it has allowed for the development of other themed products like Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and appears to be another unannounced spin-off. Minecraft is currently under the age of the second life, and, perhaps, has already reached the third under Microsoft, while remaining cross-platform.

Microsoft has also made the most of its IP and secure space for variety and innovation. In all of this, there is also a lot of curiosity about what it would be like to do with Call of Duty.

Of course, the Activision saga starts from a different point than Minecraft. Leaving a group like Mojang a single team isn’t like a team sitting alone with Activision and all of its teams, which certainly wouldn’t be part of Xbox Game Studios or an entire host or host some structure.

Despite that, Call of Duty could really use some breathing room and the desire to change things up that the game brings against the odds. It would take me a long time like I was for Minecraft, but it might be worth it, as long as it’s not so cross-platform, of course.