There are many Minecraft achievements for Bedrock Edition players, some more difficult than others. One achievement, “Sleep With the Fishes”, requires them to spend a day in the game underwater with no air. While this may seem considerably daunting, it can be achieved relatively easily using different structures that stillRead More →

Minecraft is undoubtedly a game about customization, and player skins are one of the most notable extensions of it. Skins allow Minecraft players to change the look of their avatar and give it a personal touch. Just about every character imaginable has been skinned thanks to Minecraft’s dedicated community, andRead More →

Minecraft’s gruesome Wither boss is one of the most dangerous mobs in the entire game alongside the Ender Dragon, and Bedrock Edition players should take extra care before summoning it. With extra health, a fast attack, and a change in its attack behavior, the Wither is an intimidating boss toRead More →

After the massive success of the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update, Mojang Studios is preparing to launch the second part later this year. Like previous updates, players will have the opportunity to try them out before they are released in-game. FOLLOWING: Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot 5 MinecraftRead More →

Minecraft add-ons allow for complex customization in the Bedrock Edition. Like downloadable mods for the Java edition, add-ons are a Mojang-supported operation that provides trivial customization for most aspects of the game. Minecraft Bedrock players enjoy endless possibilities with their exclusive add-ons and behavior packs. These add-ons usually consist ofRead More →

Shortly after the release of Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 21w17a, Mojang Studios released Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta to test out a host of new features coming in Minecraft’s upcoming Caves and Cliffs update. Today’s beta will be important for some gamers, as Mojang Studios is pulling a ton ofRead More →

“Minecraft” should update automatically, but you can check updates manually in different ways. “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition” can be updated through your device’s app store, while “Java” players must use the Launcher app. Although updates are important, “Java” players should note that they may break some mods. The mega-popular sandbox game”MinecrafthasRead More →

“Minecraft” should update automatically, but you can check for updates manually in a few different ways. “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition” can be updated through your device’s app store, while “Java” players must use the Launcher app. Although updates are important, “Java” players should note that they may break some mods. VisitRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter It’s time for Minecraft to release another beta for insider players. Today Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is releasing the beta, which continues to test new features coming in the massive Caves and Cliffs update. Today’s beta will not include any new features, but has manyRead More →

Minecraft follows the official release on 1.16.210 with a brand new beta version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes a handful of bugfixes for testers to, well, put through their paces. While there are some general fixes and improvements here, the most notable fixes are forRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft: Bedrock Edition launches a new beta today with, which includes the usual series of bug fixes and changes to improve the overall state of Minecraft. However, another change in this week’s beta reminds us all that, yes, this is a beta and willRead More →

Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s video settings are simple to configure. A gamer’s video settings can determine whether their gameplay is very smooth or has unplayable lag. There are many Minecraft players who are experiencing a lot of lag without knowing why. Sometimes the reason lies in their Minecraft client, in theirRead More →

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft is launching a new beta for the Bedrock Edition today, which adds some additional “experimental features” from the Caves and Cliffs update. That’s right, players enrolled in the beta program can install Minecraft Beta right now and test the latest mob to joinRead More →

Minecraft is rolling out the red carpet for its latest beta, which is heading to all beta testers on Xbox, Windows 10, and Android today. Minecraft Beta includes a handful of bugfixes and general improvements, and nothing particularly impressive on its own. However, this beta release adds more functionalityRead More →

Mojang Studios, the developer of the sandbox game Minecraft, has a new beta for the Nether update. Beta updates are unstable and still ongoing. So there is a good chance that they contain bugs and will look different when released for the base game. Previously, the developer introduced Dripstone Blocks.Read More →

Minecraft: Java Edition started the day with the first Caves and Cliffs update snapshot of the year, and now Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is following suit with the release of the beta for the Nether update. Yes, this beta is still part of the long-running Nether Update branch, but there’sRead More →

Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft has been around for about a decade and comes in two different flavors: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. The content, updates, and look of the two games are virtually identical, but the reality is that they are two different games. In technical terms, Java isRead More →

Minecraft builds split again between Bedrock and Java Editions, with the Bedrock Edition getting its Beta version today, and the Java edition benefits from its stable version 1.16.3. The latest Bedrock Edition beta continues to improve the Nether Update while bringing the two editions of Minecraft closer together. BugRead More →

Bedrock is coming to PlayStation 4 tomorrow! “Kelsey,” you huff in horror, “you gave away the whole article in the first sentence.” Don’t worry, dear PlayStation Blog reader, there’s always more! “So how is this different from the version of Minecraft I can already play on my PS4?” The differenceRead More →

Microsoft showcased nearly two hours of the upcoming Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Switch, demonstrating some of its new features and improvements in a recent livestream. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is, of course, Microsoft’s new unified, cross-platform version of the hugely popular block builder, and is already available on Xbox One, WindowsRead More →

Minecraft Bedrock Edition, also known as Cross-Platform Minecraft, seems to be polishing up the Nintendo Switch version and Microsoft has decided to show almost two hours of footage. Microsoft also announced that Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Switch will be free for all players who own it on the console beforeRead More →