What do you want to know Minecraft Live 2022 has the internet buzzing with countless Minecraft-related announcements. During the event, Mojang Studios revealed more information about Minecraft Dungeons Season 3. Dubbed “Fauna Faire,” the update is very pet-focused, with tons of new content like a new merchant, The Tower multiplayer,Read More →

Dexter | April 20, 2022 The second seasonal adventure for Minecraft DungeonsLuminous Night, is now available in-game. Here is a description of the new seasonal content from the official Minecraft blog: RELATED STORY: Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC Now Available Explore the tower like you’ve never seen it before, withRead More →

Mojang Studios announced the second season of Minecraft Dungeons will launch later this month. The second season is called ‘Bright Night‘, and will be launched on the 20thand From April. Mojang said this Downloadable content will be free on all platforms. The new DLC will have several luminescent features includingRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons, like many games, features a leveling system that allows players to level up and grow as they play through the game, ultimately culminating in a specialized character revolving around their style favorite game. This is different from regular Minecraft in which the XP and upgrade system is usedRead More →

Now available as a seasonal reward in Minecraft Dungeons, emotes are cool animations that can be performed by the player. What’s interesting about emotes in Minecraft Dungeons is that they work a bit differently than they would in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition platforms. Instead of being accessed through a communication menu,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon-crawling action-RPG spin-off of Mojang’s beloved sandbox game, has hit another big milestone. Today, February 8, 2022, Mojang announced that Minecraft Dungeons has surpassed total player count by over 15 million since release. To see the Minecraft Skindex here. The popular hack-and-slash game has yet to celebrateRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons, an action-adventure game, has reached a new milestone of 15 million players. Minecraft is celebrating this achievement with the Festival of Frost event and giving away giveaways. On February 8, Minecraft Dungeons, an action-adventure game based on the original Minecraft game, passed the 15 million player mark andRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons was a crazy start for Mojang Studios, pouring a ton of Minecraft DNA into a hitherto unexplored genre for the studio. Now, Minecraft Dungeons has over 10 million unique players and healthy post-launch support with six DLC expansions released since the game’s inception. On Tuesday, Mojang kicked offRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons, the popular hack-and-slash RPG spin-off of Mojang’s hit block-building game, is getting a substantial content update on December 14, 2021 in the form of seasonal adventures starting with the first season, Cloudy Climb. When it releases worldwide in just over a week, Minecraft Dungeons will meet the newRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons has announced its first seasonal adventure, Cloudy Climb. The famous dungeon crawler makes its way into the world of seasonal games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. There will be tons of free rewards and new places for players to explore. Premium rewards will be available to Adventure PassRead More →

News Published on November 18, 2021 Dylan Chaundy House ” News ” The first free seasonal adventure, Cloudy Climb, is coming to Minecraft Dungeons on December 14 Today, developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven officially confirmed that their previously announced Seasonal Adventures content will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons onRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons has officially announced its first seasonal adventure. These were announced about a month ago. With Seasonal Adventures, players can advance through an all-new progression system. This system will unlock new pets, flairs, emotes, and skins for a player’s Minecraft Dungeons avatar. The first official seasonal adventure has justRead More →

Wolves are an extremely useful mob in Minecraft Dungeons. They are fun and useful in Minecraft, but their importance and usefulness are heightened in Minecraft Dungeons. They are only used to help players fight mobs and can often be the difference in certain missions. Unfortunately, they don’t live very long,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons has several different merchants: the Blacksmith Merchant, Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchant, Village Merchant, Gift Wrapper, and Piglin Merchant (Flames of the Nether DLC). These merchants work similarly to villagers in Minecraft, each selling different items for emeralds, with the exception of the merchant Piglin, who sells gold. TheRead More →

The RPG spin-off of the world’s most popular block-building game, Minecraft Dungeons, gives players plenty of ways to customize their build and gear, and heroes can even take certain companions along on their dungeon caving adventures . These allies fall into two main categories in Minecraft Dungeons. Pets, which areRead More →

Hack-and-slash dungeon exploration Minecraft spin off, Minecraft Dungeons, will receive even more new content later this year, with many more to be added later. “Heroes, the adventure continues!” announced the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account during this year’s Minecon Live. “Seasonal adventures are coming to dungeons! Progress through an all-newRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons has a wide variety of monsters to fight. Many are based on the original Minecraft mobs, like endermen, zombies, spiders, and skeletons. One of these monsters is the Skeleton Vanguard, often simply referred to as the Vanguard. In Minecraft Dungeons, it’s one of the toughest mobs to face,Read More →

Spookyfest, Minecraft’s now annualized Halloween celebration event, will help players get into the seasonal spirit with “Spookier Fall”. Mojang’s annual Halloween celebration in Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, dubbed Spookyfest, will return this year. The original blocky survival sandbox title was released in 2009, with its dungeon crawler cousin launching inRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons is now available on Steam after releasing everywhere else last May. It may have taken a while, but Microsoft’s hack-‘n-slash adventure has finally arrived on Steam. Minecraft Dungeons is now available on the biggest PC gaming platform with its six DLCs. Minecraft Dungeons first arrived last year onRead More →

PC gamers might be pleased to know about a Steam version of Minecraft Dungeons is available from today and comes in 2 different versions offering the base game or Ultimate Edition to purchase and add to your Steam account. “Fight your way through an exciting action-adventure game, inspired by classicRead More →

There are many types of weapons that Minecraft Dungeons players can use. Regular Minecraft has around five legitimate weapons provided to players, but in Minecraft Dungeons the list is nearly endless. There are different classes of weapons, and each has advantages and disadvantages over the others. Some weapons have advantagesRead More →

Many Minecraft Dungeons players would agree that defense plays an important role over offense. Armor sets define the player. Players will need to farm armor sets and upgrade them with enchantments and artifacts. In Minecraft Dungeons, players can find a wide variety of armor sets. Each armor has its prosRead More →

When Minecraft Dungeons released for the first time, Black-smith was the principal merchant of the Camp. They were unlocked after completing the second mission, liana wood, and would give you random gear pieces in exchange for Emeralds. However, the blacksmith has undergone a significant change after the release of theRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons, the block builder’s iconic dungeon-crawling spin-off, has been out in the wild for over a year now, launching in May last year. But, it hasn’t arrived on any of the biggest PC platforms yet, although that’s about to change – Minecraft Dungeons is heading to Steam next month.Read More →