In Minecraft Dungeons there are some secrets hidden throughout the game, including secret levels. One of them is simply titled “???”, for confidentiality purposes, but fans of the game will quickly discover that it is the hidden cow level. In order to reach this hidden level, there are nine runesRead More →

While they won’t exactly aid heroes in a fight, non-combat pets are a fun customization option in Minecraft Dungeons that makes players stand out a little more than usual. With multiple pets available in Minecraft Dungeons, and more thanks to the upcoming Seasonal Adventures update, it can be a littleRead More →

Who doesn’t appreciate a little more personal touch to their Minecraft Dungeons hero? Thanks to capes and other cosmetics, players can significantly differentiate their avatar from others. Currently, there are a total of eight caps in Minecraft Dungeons, with three more sets to be released when the first seasonal adventureRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons’ first seasonal adventure, titled Cloudy Climb, tasks players with battling through a massive tower to earn unique rewards. cloud risethe first upcoming seasonal adventure Minecraft Dungeons, was revealed to arrive next month. The 2020 hack-and-slash dungeon crawler serves as a spin-off of the franchise’s original survival sandbox installment,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons has more than a few merchants that can become available in a hero’s camp, and they all offer a little something different, including the enigmatic Piglin Merchant. Offering quality gold items in exchange for gold found in Ancient Hunts in Minecraft Dungeons, the Piglin Merchant can be foundRead More →

Emerald Armor is something Minecraft players have been asking for for a long time, but they’ll have to head to Minecraft Dungeons to get it. Emeralds don’t have a ton of uses in Minecraft because they’re only used for in-game currency. They can get really good items and are useful,Read More →

With cosmetic items equipped on a hero’s back as they work their way through Minecraft Dungeons, capes are a nice aesthetic flair to have. They are obtained either through DLC downloads or by participating in events, and this also applies to the famous Hero Cape. The hero cape was originallyRead More →

With autumn in full swing, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons fans still have time to enjoy the season with their favorite games. MinecraftSpookyfest 2021 seasonal event offers benefits to players until November 2, 2021 and Minecraft DungeonsSpookier’s Fall 2021 also runs until November 2. Related: 10 Things You Didn’t Know AboutRead More →

There are many battle pets in Minecraft Dungeons, including wolves, llamas, and even iron golems, which help heroes deal with hordes of enemy mobs present on a level. For Minecraft Dungeons players hoping to catch their own iron golem, they’ll need the artifact known as the Golem Kit. Once found,Read More →

During this year’s Minecraft Live, Mojang announced that Minecraft would be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC in November. The “Minecraft PC bundle” will include both the Java and Bedrock versions of the block-building sandbox alongside its dungeon-crawling spin-off Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft already has its own launcher on PC,Read More →

Minecraft Dungeons today launched its update on all platforms, so here is the full list of changes and fixes with today’s update. As we enter spooky season, it seems like every game is looking to celebrate with a few Halloween additions. And despite the huge list of bugfixes here,Read More →

Like many dungeon crawler games, Minecraft Dungeons retains variable difficulty levels that increase players’ rewards based on their willingness to risk defeat. Minecraft Dungeons separates its difficulties into three categories: Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse. Within these difficulties are several tiers of rank, increasing in danger as the rank of theRead More →

Much like dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons features a large number of enchantments that bestow different effects on a hero’s gear. These are applied regardless of whether they are found on items or applied by the player. For players wanting to choose their own enchantments for their gear, Minecraft Dungeons offersRead More →

According to a prominent Xbox insider, Xbox Game Studios and Mojang Studios are working on not one, but two new Minecraft games, presumably derivative in nature, as it is unlikely that Microsoft is about to retire the “Minecraft 2” trigger. The report comes the way of Jez Corden, who doesRead More →

After traversing jungles, oceans, mountains, winter itself, and the Nether, Minecraft Dungeons is finally heading to The End. The next DLC for Mojang’s Diablo-like Minecraft spin-off takes players into the final dimension this month alongside another free update. They also revealed an Ultimate Edition of the game which will beRead More →

Update 1.17 arrived for Minecraft Dungeons, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. This patch, officially known as, brings the Hidden Depths DLC, which contains three new underwater levels, as well as new monsters, weapons, and gear. Raid Captains will also arriveRead More →

It looks like a brand new update was released today (March 24th) for Minecraft Dungeonsso we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the new update, including the full patch notes. Minecraft is literally the most popular game on the planet, with gamers of all ages obsessed with the originalRead More →

When you think of playing Minecraft, or more specifically the spin-off game Minecraft Dungeons, you probably imagine playing it on a PC. Maybe you’re on a couch, playing on your Xbox with a friend by your side. Mojang and Play Mechanix have something else in mind with Minecraft Dungeons Arcade,Read More →

Minecraft has been around for a long time, and while new updates bring additional content to the game, some of the oldest content will always remain the most important. One of the oldest content elements in Minecraft are dungeons. Dungeons are structures that can be found throughout the Overworld inRead More →

must know What is that? A fun dungeon crawler set in the Minecraft universeExpect to pay $20 / £16Developer Mojang StudiosEditor Mojang StudiosReviewed on i5-2500K, 8GB RAM, GTX 670Multiplier YesLink Official site (opens in a new tab) I blast through crowds with my firework arrows that explode into a cloudRead More →

Exam Information Platform: pc Time played: 9 hours Minecraft Dungeons feels like a day at Legoland, and not just because of the blocky aesthetic. It feels like a day at Legoland because it starts out great fun and feels like a world of endless possibilities, but you quickly realize it’sRead More →

David Nisshagen lets out a squeal of delight as he steers his blocky character up a narrow, raised platform surrounded by purple flames. He has just discovered a secret room in Minecraft Dungeons, and even if he is the executive producer of the title, he does not know what willRead More →

Minecraft Dungeons is on its way to consoles and PC, albeit a bit later than expected. Mojang says the Minecraft The Dungeon-Crawler spin-off will be released on May 26 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4 and, as revealed during last week’s surprise Direct, Nintendo Switch. The Microsoft-ownedRead More →

Minecraft: Dungeonsa new game set in the Minecraft universe, was announced during the Minecon Earth livestream this afternoon. While details on the game are slim, developer interviews in a short video released ahead of the official trailer claimed that Minecraft: Dungeons is an adventure game where up to four playersRead More →