Check out these 5 best servers for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19 for multiplayer action – Hypixel, Mineplex, more

The Wild update has been out for a while, and if you want to try out Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19 in multiplayer mode, you need to know these 5 best Minecraft servers.

Top 5 Minecraft servers: It’s been almost two weeks since the Minecraft The Wild update launched. With its two new biomes, new mobs, blocks and more, the game has become even more fun to play. But once you’ve explored it all and want a change of pace, you should also look into Minecraft servers. While regular players of the game would already know, for the uninitiated, Minecraft servers are multiplayer game servers owned by players or companies where players can play with their friends and participate in various baccalaureate missions. sand. But the question is, after the update, what are the best Minecraft servers to play the game? If you’re on Minecraft: Bedrock edition, you should definitely try Hypixel, Mineplex, Grand Theft Minecart, Minecraft Central, and Purple Prison.


One of the best Minecraft servers for a long time, Hypixel supports both Bedrock and Java and it is compatible with version 1.19 and below. The server offers 19 different games such as SkyWars, Murder Mystery, Arena Brawl, Paintball Warfare and more. All game modes have separate lobbies. The server is perfect for serious gamers and casual players who just want to socialize. It’s also one of the biggest Minecraft servers out there, so you’ll always find hundreds of players in the lobby.


Mineplex used to be one of the biggest servers, but it has gone down a lot lately. But even now you can easily find 2000-3000 players on the server. Players in India will need a fast internet connection as server connectivity is mostly in the US and Europe. There are several games to play like Cake Wars, Master Builder, Sky Fall and more.

Grand Theft mine cart

Yes, inspired by the popular Grand Theft Auto, this server recreates the Rockstar gaming experience in the Minecraft world. You can see all of the city and countryside of Los Santos and do just about anything you can in GTA Online. There is also a build mode that allows players to play creatively and add their own elements to the GTA recreation.

Minecraft Center

It also allows cross-platform play between Java and Bedrock editions. There are fun modes such as Survival, Creative and many more that players can participate in. The server also offers mini-games, perfect for casual gaming and getting to know other players. Although the server itself is not very big, it has a very dedicated staff who always make sure players have a good time.

purple prison

Purple Prison was developed purely as a prison mode theme server, but quickly evolved into a much larger game area. Players can enjoy popular survival mode, KitPvP, Hunger Games and more. The game offers an otherworldly aesthetic with an alien appearance. There are also several events that players can participate in. It’s not one of the biggest servers and it doesn’t have a broad focus, but for people who want to have fun on a specific theme, it’s perfect.