Create a realistic artwork of the Minecraft Guardian so brutal it will blow your mind

He looks like a monster from The Witcher 3

Announced during Minecraft Live 2020, the Warden is coming to Minecraft as part of the Wild Update expected in 2022. It is a powerful new enemy of scary and stronger than game bosses. If its appearance as Minecraft cubes doesn’t scare you, maybe this fan art will give you another nightmare, its creators have argued. As scary as mines, dungeons, or the Nether in general can be, Minecraft is a game for all audiences.

The savage Minecraft update is about to bring some terrifying things, and one of them is this guardian, who will be summoned by sculk howlers. He is said to be the creature with the most life and strength in all of Minecraft, although he is a blind enemy oriented by vibrations emitted from his chest. “The souls in his chest create a low, throbbing heartbeat soundon par with the darkness effect,” reads the Minecraft Wiki.

This realistic design of a Minecraft Guardian looks more like Leshen from The Witcher 3 that nothing seen in Minecraft, in the form of cubes, is any longer so scary. Although Minecraft has always managed to give respect in the darkness of mines, dungeons and in the Nether, we will see how this guardian performs.

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At the moment this wild update, the minecraft version 1.19, does not yet have a specific release date for this 2022. We know that it will add a new biome, Deep Dark, and a lot of flora and fauna on the surface, such as new frogs and more options for tadpoles. Also part of the latest update with experimental Minecraft content. Also new enemies, building blocks etc. It aims to be a very significant update.

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