Creeping Winter DLC for Minecraft Dungeons available now, adds tons of new content

Source: /u/zozozrobv2 on Reddit

It seems like the wait has been long, but it’s only been a little over two months since the release of Jungle Awakens, the first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. Now we can get our hands on Creeping Winter, arguably the more exciting of the two expansions and the final DLC promised with the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons (although certainly not the last update, by any stretch), with the expansion released today.

Creeping Winter will add a ton of new content that wasn’t present in the base game, and will also massively upgrade the camp to make it livelier and add more features for players to enjoy. We don’t have a full changelog, but we do know that Creeping Winter will add:

  • A new island with at least three new areas
  • New mobs, including enemies, cosmetic pets, and more
  • New gear, including armor, weapons, and artifacts
  • New NPCs, including camp vendors that allow gifts to other players and upgrading old gear
  • Daily Trials, which add increased challenge to the game in exchange for rewards like level-up gear
  • A free update, which should fix many bugs, balance the game, etc.

The update is rolling out, so you might not see it right away. Creeping Winter, much like Jungle Awakens, will come in two forms. New contents like island, equipment and monsters will undoubtedly be part of the paid expansion. However, bug fixes, balance improvements, minor tweaks, new camp vendors, and daily trials will all be part of a free update that everyone will receive! Also, even if you don’t have the expansion, if one of your friends does, you can play with them on their island and get the new content, including new gear.

Were you expecting Creeping Winter? Are you excited to jump into the new Minecraft Dungeons expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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