Creeping Winter DLC, Release Date, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, Reviews, Guides and more

Minecraft Dungeons arrived with a bang, and now we have our second DLC!

Here’s everything you need to know and more!

Breaking News – Creeping Winter DLC Release Date

The latest DLC for Minecraft Dungeons is out today according to Minecraft Dungeons Official Twitter.

According to the post, it says you can get it digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, or buy it in-store along with the brand new physical version of the Hero Edition!

Creeping Winter takes you to a whole new land, with even more challenges than ever before.

“PUT ON A JACKET!” – Or take a sword, whichever keeps you alive!

You will certainly encounter new monsters and enemies, but you will also have the possibility of discovering new runes and new treasures!

Be careful though, as the icy new visuals aren’t just for show. You’ll have to deal with the ice itself, which will have a huge (and hilarious) impact on your ability to move!

Nothing says “brave” more than slowly slipping through a pack of enemies!

What is Minecraft Dungeons?

Those who have ever played Minecraft know that venturing underground to find resources is a key part of the game, and one of the most dangerous parts thanks to lava, zombies, creepers, and cave spiders.

INTO THE DEPTHS – Are you brave enough to enter the dungeons?

Well, take that, multiply it by 20, and you just might hit Minecraft Dungeons.

Inspired by classic dungeon crawler games and set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons puts you and up to three other players on an epic quest to battle enemies and rescue villagers from an Arch-Illiger Maleficent !


Like normal Minecraft, Dungeons will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Whatever hardware you normally play on will likely be available.

The game costs £16.74 on Xbox One, PCand Nintendo Switch and is a bit cheaper on PS4 at £15.99.

Hero Edition

Xbox and PC players have access to a special version of Minecraft Dungeons…Hero Edition.

SURROUNDED: The action is amazing in Minecraft Dungeons

For £24.99 ($29.99), they get a few extras with the game:

  • hero cape
  • Skins for two players
  • chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (Jungle Awakens being one of them!)

On PS4 this comes at a separate cost with the “Hero Pass”, which costs you £9.49. There is no such add-on for Nintendo Switch.


Teaming up with your friends is one of the best ways to experience Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s made possible through online and local co-op.

However, it was Minecraft crossplay that broke down some of the community walls.

Xbox, PC and Switch players can now dive into the same world and play together. It took them a while, but Sony finally allowed their players to participate as well.

BIOME LEVELS: There will be desert and water levels, among others

While cross-play between Xbox and PC players will be there, Switch and PS4 players will remain isolated to begin with.

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Connecting all platforms will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons in the future and was confirmed at Gamescom in August.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer


For those expecting to be able to blast their way through dungeons, you’ll be in for a shock. There is no mining or construction in this one!

Instead, it’s a combat-focused game that has you relying on looted in-game items and equipping items to survive encounters with your enemies (don’t worry, it there are no loot boxes or microtransactions).

EQUIPMENT IS KEY: You will find new weapons and armor during your adventures

The ARPG-style visuals and combat are reminiscent of games like Diablo III, so this will also be a distinct departure from normal Minecraft combat.

It’s not all different though, the usual mobs will be present, with changes to spawn in armor and with weapons for an added challenge. There will also be new enemies and friends.


Some lucky outlets were able to get their hands on Minecraft Dungeons earlier!

Games Radar – 3.5/5

“A more accessible entry point for the hack and slash genre” Alex Avard – 3/5

“Short but fun dungeon crawler that struggles to live up to its name” Jordan Oloman

Windows Central – 4.5/5

“Minecraft Dungeons rejects Diablo ‘clone’ status and site among the best action RPGs of the generation” Jez Corden

OpenCritic – 76%


The main villain of Minecraft Dungeons is the Arch-Illager who was bullied and hated by other villagers until he found a powerful artifact that gave him unfathomable power.

He forces any villagers who evaded him to follow his orders and begins a campaign of terror, ransacking other villages across the land.

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As heroes, you and your friends set out to defeat him and his army of Illager minions.

Mojang says the story will be light-hearted with an emphasis on combat and character progression. “You have a chain of goals that you want to accomplish, [but] it’s not like we have a massive narrative that you go through,” Mojang’s David Nisshagen told IGN.


Classic dungeon crawler games have a group of players who each play as a different character class. A barbarian, a ranger, a wizard, etc. To get to the end, it would take a balanced party. Well, Minecraft Dungeons is a bit different.

You don’t need to lock your character’s class in the beginning and build your party with the right people. Each player can create their class from scratch through looting weapons, artifacts, and other items that can help you create an archer or warrior class as you wish.

Tips & Tricks

One of the essential tips for the game is to make sure you enchant your gear! Here’s how.

Select the “swag” you want to upgrade from everything you’ve collected on your travels and press “Y” or “Triangle” on your controller to bring up the enchantment options

Select the enchantment and press ‘A’ or ‘X’. This will spend the points and add the enchantment to the piece of gear!

SHAZAM: Make way for devastating attacks

You’ll also want to make sure to use Replay Tiers for even better gear!

While the layout of each level remains the same, many chest locations, enemies, and loot will change each time you play.

The level of potential gear is tied to the difficulty of each level, and you can see the difficulty range on the mission selection screen.

Replaying levels and taking on tougher enemies will net you much better gear, so get back out there and start over!

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