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Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure game inspired by dungeon crawlers. This game was originally inspired by Nintendo 3DS games and was created to be played on this device. However, Minecraft Dungeons has extended its reign to include PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Minecraft Dungeons is a multiplayer or single player game. Up to 4 players can play and complete quests together. The Dungeons Edition features multiple quests, an end goal, and a primary enemy called the Arch-Illager.

Many gamers are interested in Minecraft Dungeons, especially since it only came out last year. Here’s everything players need to know about Minecraft Dungeons in 2021.

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Everything players need to know about Minecraft Dungeons

standard game

Dungeon cover illustration (Image via primagames)
Dungeon cover illustration (Image via primagames)

This game is unlike any other Minecraft game. In Dungeons, players cannot craft or mine blocks like they would in normal Minecraft. This is a completely separate game that focuses on quests and action battles. It is a standard dungeon crawler type game.


Dungeon gameplay (Image via shacknews)
Dungeon gameplay (Image via shacknews)

When the player starts playing Dungeons, he will start receiving missions and tasks to complete. There are lots of tips for players who are just starting out. There are often messages at the top of the screen telling the player what to do to complete their current quest.

Each mission the player completes is replayable at different difficulty levels. This means that if a player completes all of their missions and quests on easy mode the first time they play, they have the option to go back and replay the entire game on a harder difficulty.

Each mission offers different loot rewards that can be found along the way and after completing each mission. There are also standard Minecraft mobs to fight, such as creepers.

Although players don’t have the ability to craft or mine in this game, they can still enchant their armor and weapons. Players loot weapons and armor from loot boxes found all around the game. There is a very different enchantment system in Dungeons than in regular Minecraft, but players can still upgrade their armor and weapons to fight mobs .

DLCs ​​and Subscriptions

Flames of the Nether DLC (Image via Minecraft)
Flames of the Nether DLC (Image via Minecraft)

Dungeons offers a multitude of subscriptions, DLCs, and general options for purchasing games. The standard version of the Dungeons game is the cheapest and has the fewest features. This game costs US$19.99.

The Hero Edition of the game is the version of Dungeons with additional content. This version of Dungeons costs US$29.99. This version of Dungeons includes the game, 2-player skin packs, a baby chicken companion, a hero cape, and access to two DLC packs called the Jungle Awakening and Creeping Winter packs.

There is also a Hero Pass available for players who only have the standard Dungeons game. This pass acts as an add-on and will add additional Hero’s Edition content to the standard Dungeons game. This pass costs US$9.99.

Another Minecraft Dungeons add-on is the Season Pass. The Season Pass gives players access to two DLCs called Howling Peaks and Flames of the Nether, and two additional DLCs coming soon called Ocean and the End. The Season Pass costs US$19.99.

The Season Pass also includes six additional skins and two additional pets. The Season Pass is the only way to access DLC content.

What are DLCs?

Jungle Awakening DLC ​​(Image via nintendo)
Jungle Awakening DLC ​​(Image via nintendo)

For players who don’t know, DLCs are Minecraft add-ons. These add-ons give players new maps to explore, new quests and missions, and new scenarios. Some DLCs are paid, while others are free.

DLCs ​​are optional game expansions. These can be added to the standard edition of Minecraft Dungeons. DLCs ​​are great for games as they provide new changes, characters, updated maps, and content for players to explore.

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