Find out why you’ll murder and quest in Minecraft Dungeons

At Minecon last year, Mojang announced that they were working on another Minecraft game, an action-RPG, Diablo-esque dungeon crawler called Minecraft Dungeons. This year’s Minecon gave us a deeper look at what this game will entail, as Mojang dropped around four minutes of gameplay footage. Check out the cinematic trailer below.

While the original Minecraft is a plotless building and farming adventure, Minecraft Dungeons has a fully fleshed out story, complete with draconian rulers and magical orbs. In the trailer, we meet an Illager who has been hunted by his people and is traveling everywhere in search of a new home. However, he turned away from everywhere and fed entirely on rage before discovering the Orb of Domination, which transforms him into a powerful wizard. He returns to society and makes them all bend the knee, ruling over all with cruelty.

The trailer asks, “Who would have the bravery, the purity of heart, to oppose the Arch Illager’s reign of terror? Looks like it will be you.

A gameplay trailer which also debuted at Minecon gives us even more insight into Minecraft Dungeons. The game will allow four players to take customizable heroes on adventures through castles, dungeons and forests to gather loot and battle villains like creepers, spiders and skeletons in an effort to end the reign. of the Arch Illager. Different Artifacts provide different ways to fight baddies, including one that summons a llama that will spit at enemies.

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release sometime in 2020.

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