First Minecraft Bedrock beta released for The Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19 update is the next major update that will be released next year. It was announced during Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16 and titled “The Wild Update”. This is going to bring major changes to the swamp biome.

Five new monsters and new swamp biomes will be introduced. Many features that were to be released with Minecraft 1.18 will also be released with this update.

Launch of the first beta of Minecraft with the features of the wild update

On December 1, a day after the release of the Minecraft 1.18 update, the developers surprised everyone with the first beta of Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock. More than anything, the experimental features of beta releases excite the player.

However, the Minecraft Bedrock only brings the sculk block functionality. It also brings some non-experimental features. Interested readers can learn more from here.

What sculk blocks can be seen in Minecraft Bedrock beta

Sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.18 beta (Image via ECKOSOLDIER/ Youtube)
Sculk blocks in Minecraft 1.18 beta (Image via ECKOSOLDIER/ Youtube)

Sculk, Sculk Catalyst, Sculk Screamer, Sculk Vein, Sculk Sensors are the new sculk blocks players can use in this beta.

Sculk sensors were showcased at Minecraft Live last year. These unique blocks can detect vibrations and emit redstone signals accordingly.

The Sculk Screamer is one of the most terrifying sculk blocks that emits a howling sound when activated. The sound will then summon the guardian. However, since the guardian has not yet been added to betas, it will not be summoned.

The Sculk Catalyst is the block responsible for growing the sculk that players will be able to see in the next deep, dark caves. Thatch veins are the strange growth of thatch seen on different blocks. More information regarding the use of thatch veins is yet to be revealed by the developers.

Mobs in Minecraft 1.19: The Savage Update

The developers said more experimental features will be added with the next beta. In Minecraft 1.19 update, five new mobs will be introduced. Fireflies, tadpoles, frogs, allay and the guardian. The first three will appear exclusively in swamps.

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